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November 25, 2008


Update on Fight Against Traditional Marriage


Protests against the passage of Proposition 8 – the California Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA) -- continue around the country.  November 15th was the national protest against Proposition 8 with Philadelphia, Allentown, Pittsburgh and Erie participating here in Pennsylvania.  There was a pro-same sex marriage rally in Harrisburg on November 23rd


In California:


On Saturday November 22nd 5,000 homosexuals and their ‘allies’ descended upon Sacramento to demand that Proposition 8 be overturned. 


One San Diego, California church purchased billboard space to apologize for the passage of Proposition 8.  Click here.  


Theological differences aside, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) played a key role in the passage of Proposition 8.   Because of their hard work homosexuals have targeted that church with protests and vandalism.  Mormon businesses and private donors have been harassed and picketed.  Recently the AFA of PA signed onto a letter of support/thanks to the President of the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City.  That letter has been posted on a new website and has been opened for others to sign on.  Take a look and consider signing on. 


The anti-marriage protests will continue on December 10th with the “A Day Without A Gay” campaign.  Click here for more information.  


The ultimate goal of these protests is to intimidate and harass those who support traditional marriage.  The protests are also designed to make it appear that there are more homosexuals in the nation than what there are  -- legal papers filed by homosexual groups note that they make up less than 5 % of the population.  In fact, in April the Human Rights Campaign (a large homosexual lobby group) released a study which showed that those who identify as homosexual make up 2.9% of the U.S. population.  Another reason for the protests is to place fear in the residents of the 20 remaining states (Pennsylvania included) that if they pass a Marriage Protection Amendment the supporters of that amendment will also be picketed and harassed.




1.)  Pray that the California Supreme Court will uphold Proposition 8 in which 52% of California voters said marriage should only be defined as between a man and a woman.


2.)  Regularly contact your State Senator and State Representative and ask them to support a marriage protection amendment which defines marriage as between a man and a woman and bans civil unions.  These ‘unions’ are simply marriage by another name and, as in the case of Connecticut, used as a stepping stone to legalized same-sex marriage.  Click here for contact information – key in your zip code in the upper right hand corner. 













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