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Action Alert – Have You Seen “Lifemark” Yet?

Roe v Wade is gone and the fight moves to all 50 states. Some already have passed laws to allow abortion up to the moment of birth! In other states abortion bans have been passed. Corporations have announced policies to pay for an employee’s travel and lodging in order to get an abortion. Babies in the womb are still in grave danger, but moms with an unplanned pregnancy need to know there are options like adoption which are good for the mom, as well as the baby. The “Lifemark” movie relays this very clear message.

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News Release: Kids Again Lose in Advance of Homosexual Agenda

An August 18th decision handed down by a Sangamon County, Illinois circuit judge again shows that even civil union laws with nice sounding names threaten the religious freedoms of traditional organizations. The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) continues to warn of the dangers of passing any homosexual special rights law because they will ultimately lead to a loss of freedoms for those who believe engaging in homosexuals acts is sinful.

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