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Action Alert – Bad News:  Al Schmidt Becomes PA’s Next Secretary of State

The guy who was the vice chair of Philadelphia’s Board of Elections in November 2020 and told the nation everything in Philly was above board during that election is now PA’s Secretary of State! The full Senate did not vote, but allowed the calendar to “play out”. However, the Senate State Government Committee did vote and only one voted ‘nay.’

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Action Alert – PA Secretary of State Nominee Refuses to Cooperate

The Commonwealth of PA has appealed a ruling out of the US District Court in the Middle District of Pennsylvania finding that PA must supply the Public Interest Legal Foundation with its voter list record as it seeks to weed out non-citizens who have registered to vote. In 2017 Philly Republican Al Schmidt indicated there were majority problems with non-citizens registering. Now, as the Shapiro nominee for Secretary of State, Schmidt is mum on the issue! Why??

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