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Podcast – Fox News Has Gone Woke, Not a Surprise to Some; Guest: Peter LaBarbera

Recent revelations about Fox News’ woke policies have come as a surprise to many Americans, but not all. This wokeness is reflected in Fox News 2021 policies, but it goes back further than that. I have an August 2011 article telling of Fox News’ parent company, News Corporation, published a magazine devoted to planning “gay” and lesbian weddings with the debut issue of Wedding Pride.

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Action Alert – Pro-family Activist Needs Your Help

Peter LaBarbera with Americans for Truth About Homosexuality has been invited to speak at the annual conference of the Saskatchewan Pro-life Association (SPLA) on Saturday. Upon his entry into Canada last night, he was immediately detained and possibly prevented from entering the country, on the grounds he could be violating Canada’s “Hate Propaganda” law.

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