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Blog Post – Continued Trashing of First Amendment

Barronelle Stutzman, owner of Arlene’s Flowers and Gifts in Richland, Washington, has been an artist for over 40 years. Her artistic talent is making floral arrangements. She serves everyone who walks into her shop and hires talented individuals, whether they identify as “gay” or “straight.” She had provided flowers for Robert Ingersoll for over a decade. Stutzman knew he was a homosexual and he knew she was a Christian.

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Action Alert: Contact Your Local Boy Scout Council

As you know, the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts put off until May a vote on whether to maintain the ban on homosexual leaders and members. The fourteen hundred members of the National Board will have a say in that decision which would remove the national ban and allow local councils and units to decide for themselves what policy they want to follow. The homosexual lobby group Human Rights Campaign and other homosexual activists have said lifting the national ban is not good enough

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News Release: Conshohocken is Next Target

As yet another municipality in southeastern Pennsylvania is “encouraged” to pass a so-called anti-discrimination ordinance, the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide pro-family group, has contacted each Council Member in the Borough of Conshohocken in Montgomery County warning them of the real world ramifications of the passage of such ordinances in other parts of the country.

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News Release: Haverford Township Votes to Table

The American Family Association of Pennsylvania, a statewide traditional values group, praised Monday’s 5-4 vote in Haverford Township to table Ordinance No. P24-2010, the so-called anti-discrimination ordinance. Earlier on Monday the AFA of PA had once again e-mailed each of the Commissioners outlining reasons why the proposed ordinance was not necessary and giving real world examples of what has happened in other places where such ordinances have passed.

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