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News Release – This is Why Homosexuals Should Not Lead Boy Scouts

The story out of French Creek Boy Scout Council headquartered in Erie County is the exact reason why homosexuals should not be Scout leaders. Last year the Boy Scouts succumbed to pressure from corporate sponsors, who felt it was more important to obtain a perfect score from the likes of the homosexual lobby group Human Rights Campaign in their Corporate Equality Index, than it was to protect and help the Boy Scouts uphold their oath to be “morally straight.” On May 23rd the Boy Scouts voted to allow open homosexual boys in its ranks. However, some corporations and United Way chapters continue the push for open homosexual Scout leaders. The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), has contacted United Way chapters across the state asking their position on the issue.

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News Release: Delco Church Makes Right Decision

A Delaware County church has made the right decision in dropping its 93 year charter with the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts’ May 23rd decision to end its long standing ban on boys who identify as homosexual, made less than a year after the policy had been reaffirmed as the best policy, forces churches to confront the immorality the Boy Scouts now embrace. The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), supports the decision of the Aldan Union Church and has contacted them affirming that support.

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Delaware County Alert: Thank This Church

On September 30th the Aldan Union Church’s council of elders voted to terminate the Boy Scout charter they had held for 93 years! In fact they founded Boy Scout Troop 2 and one of the church’s pastors was the first scoutmaster!! Why did they sever their ties with the Scouts? Because of the National Council of the Boy Scout’s decision to allow boys who identify as homosexual in as members. The BSA change in policy will take effect on January 1st, the same day the long time association the church has had with the Boy Scouts ends.

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Action Alert: One Last Chance to Contact the Boy Scouts

Today 1400 leaders of the Boy Scouts of America will be voting on whether to change its longstanding membership policy to include open homosexuals in its ranks. Last week I was part of a group that met with a Scout Executive for 30-45 minutes. He answered all our questions, but a couple times he said the Boy Scouts is a business and the decision made on the 23rd would be made from a “what’s best for the business” approach. To me that was the most disturbing comment that he made during our conversation.

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