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Action Alert – No More Delays – Ask Senators Casey and Toomey to Vote ‘Yea’

The GOP has jumped through all the hoops demanded of Democrats and Judge Brett Kavanaugh has survived all the demands for additional hearings and a seventh FBI investigation. The road appears cleared for a confirmation vote on Saturday. The Democrats have tried their best to derail this nomination and destroy the lives of Judge Kavanaugh and his family in the process.

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Action Alert – Give Kavanaugh an Up or Down Vote

Accusations of sexual misconduct have been leveled at Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by several women who cannot remember key details and whose stories cannot be corroborated. They and Senate Democrats are calling for an FBI investigation into the matter and are saying the vote on Kavanaugh must be delayed. The Senate Judiciary Committee has been working for two weeks with the lawyer of the first accuser, but the accuser keeps making excuses as to why she cannot testify. The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. Unfortunately, it will probably turn into a circus even as the Left attempted to turn Kavanaugh’s hearings into one.

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