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Action Alert – Extremely Important Election Tuesday

Election Day is November 7th and there are no off-year elections . Pennsylvania is one of the few states which allow voters to choose their judges. You will be able to vote for one Supreme Court Judge, four Superior Court judges and two Commonwealth Court judges. We’ll also be able to vote to retain or not two Supreme Court judges and one Superior Court judge. Each of these terms is for ten years. There will also be local races such as mayor, district attorney, sheriff, corner, borough council, township supervisor and school board. It is definitely NOT an election to sit out!

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Action Alert – More Comprehensive Voter Guide Available

General Election is next Tuesday, November 3rd. How important is this election? Well, we’ll be voting for three PA Supreme Court judges, one Superior Court judge and one Commonwealth Court judge as well as many county-wide and school board races. Additionally, voters in the 37th Senate District, covering parts of Allegheny County and Peters Township in Washington County, will be voting in a special election.

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