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Action Alert – The Voters Have Spoken and Representative Diamond Is Moving Forward

The voters spoke on May 18th and overwhelmingly passed the two constitutional amendments restricting Governor Wolf’s disaster emergency powers. Yesterday, State Rep Russ Diamond began the process of introducing a concurrent resolution to address Governor Wolf’s March 6, 2020 COVID-19 Disaster Proclamation and the subsequent orders that were issued.

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Action Alert – They Call This Relief?

Almost 6,000 pages with a price tag of $2.3 trillion is the answer Congress is giving America. This bill would fund the federal government for another year and provide some COVID relief to Americans. The promise of a $600 check to some Americans is overshadowed by billions of dollars leaving the country to help other countries with military funding and gender programs, as well as funding Green New Deal policies here in the US. President Trump must veto this monstrosity!

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Podcast – Can We Trust the COVID Numbers?; Guest: Twila Brase

The top news story of 2020 has been COVID-19 — lockdowns, school closings, contact tracing, PPE, daily case numbers, bans on elective surgeries, layoffs, business closures, capacity restrictions on restaurants, mandated mask wearing, etc., etc. But has the country, and the world, paid an unnecessary price for this virus that appeared out of China?

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Action Alert – They’ve Been Locked in and Family Locked Out for Six Month

For six months Pennsylvanians have been banned from visiting their family members who are locked down in nursing homes. During that time period over 5400 of the 8200 deaths in PA have occurred in long term care facilities! The mental and physical conditions of nursing home residents have declined during this six-month time period. Senate Republicans have introduced a bill that would allow a nursing home to designate an “Essential Family Caregiver,” so that family member can enter the facility interact with their loved one.

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Podcast – National Drop the Mask Day; Guest: Scott Lively

We’ve heard a lot about masks the past six months. First the Surgeon General said mask won’t help us and them within a matter of days we were told we had to wear a mask or we would all die. Even to the point of governors making mask wearing mandatory. Here in PA Governor Wolf has issued such a mandate and now another Democrat has introduced a bill that would not only make mask wearing mandatory, but if you don’t wear one you’ll be charged with a misdemeanor and fined.

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Action Alert – Contact AG Josh Shapiro About Investigation Into Nursing Home Deaths

COVID-19 deaths in PA nursing homes account for 68 percent of all coronavirus deaths in the state! Attorney General Josh Shapiro is beginning an investigation into negligence on the part of nursing homes, but has indicated the Wolf Administration i.e. Health Secretary Dr. “Rachel” Levine will not be part of that investigation! Let him know Wolf and Levine need to be included in the investigation.

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