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Action Alert – Petition Calling for the Resignation of PA Secretary of Health Dr. Levine

As Pennsylvania moves to safely reopen the economy, one person is playing a pivotal role in hindering that — Dr. “Rachel” Levine. Upon his advice of including nursing home deaths in the county’s total death count, Governor Wolf is preventing counties from moving from “red” to “yellow.” Nursing home deaths account for about 65% of all PA COVID-19 deaths, yet Levine had taken no measured steps to protect this vulnerable population. Coroners are being left out of the picture, as Levine manipulates the numbers. It is time for Levine to resign, so Pennsylvania can move forward!

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Action Alert – Sign the Petition Opposing Transgender Secretary of Health

Governor Wolf has done it again. This time he has nominated a man who thinks he is a women to be PA’s next Secretary of Health. How is it that a man who doesn’t know what sex he is is qualified to be in that position? In this nomination Governor Wolf is playing to his liberal base once again. Confirmation of this individual by the State Senate would send the wrong message and they need to hear from those who think it is a bad idea. Sign the petition to oppose Dr. “Rachel” Levine.

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Action Alert – Ask State Senators to Oppose This Activist

Governor Tom Wolf is seeking to promote the current Physician General and Acting Secretary of Health, Dr. “Rachel” Levine, to be the next full-time Secretary of Health. Dr. Levine is a man who thinks he is a woman. Formerly known as Richard Levine, he is a self-avowed LGBT activist and seeks to use this position as a means to normalize transgenderism!

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