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Podcast – School Board Wins, Will They Help? Guest: Ray Moore, Exodus Mandate

As the dust settles from the General Election 2023, it’s time to reflect. Ever since parents became aware of what their local public schools were teaching their children, there has been outrage. This is about the only good thing that came out of the COVID “pandemic”. Since then there’s been an intense focus on taking back school boards and here in PA, some of that was accomplished on November 7th. But, in reality, will that solve the education problem?

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Podcast – Leaving Public Schools; Guest: E. Ray Moore

The COVID school lockdowns revealed to parents just what their children were being exposed to in the public schools and, in most cases, they were appalled. This has led to a mass exodus from the government-controlled public school system. The public schools’ response has largely been to ignore the concerns of parents and continue with their propaganda from promoting abortion to climate change to critical race theory to the LGBTQ agenda and everything in between. They also are creating activists for these liberal causes. What is a parent to do?

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