Action Alert: Parents Beware- School Year 2019-2020 is Upon Us!

A new school year is upon us once again. Parents need to be aware that there are those pushing liberal agendas within the education establishment. The business items approved by the NEA at their annual convention in July highlight this fact! Parents also need to be aware that some schools consider your children their property once they walk through the schoolhouse door, but don’t succumb to any intimidation tactics the school may use. Your children are your children – even within the walls of the school. No matter what school district you are in, you and your children are not immune from these radical agendas. You may need to consider using the opt out form referenced in this alert.

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Action Alert – What is Your Child’s School Doing On This Day?

GLSEN’s Day of Silence will take place in a few days. Will your child’s school allow students and/or teachers to remain silent during instructional time that day? If so, you have a decision to make — allowing your child to go to school on this politicized day or send a clear message to the school and keep him or her home. Sometimes the best way to get the attention of schools is to hit them in the pocketbook!

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Action Alert – What is Your School Doing on the Day of Silence?

In many schools April 27th is the Gay Day of Silence, a GLSEN-inspired day of action when students (and some teachers) remain silent to normalize homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism. The message is that some people are born gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender and it’s okay. The dangers of engaging in those lifestyles are never discussed, nor is the fact that thousands have left homosexuality and there is a growing “de-transitioning” movement. Is your child’s school allowing silence during instructional time on the Day of Silence?

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Action Alert – “No Name Calling Week” Warning

One of the projects of the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is “No Name Calling Week,” which will be held January 15-19 this year. It sounds good, but the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism is woven throughout the week’s activities. GLSEN provides lesson plans and ideas for teachers to use in class. Will your child’s school or the school you pay taxes to support be participating?

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