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Action Alert – Pornography Awareness Week

The promoters of porn claim there are no harms, yet increasingly the harms of porn are being exposed. We see increased sexual assault (i.e. child on child assault, teacher on student assault, babies being sexuall assaulted, campus rape culture etc), sex trafficking is on the rise, sexual addictions, etc. etc. We need to become educated on the harms of pornography!

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Action Alert – Has Your Municipality Taken The Necessary Steps?

An ongoing battle is being waged in the city of McKeesport in Allegheny County. Their city council was caught without the proper ordinances to fully regulate sexually oriented businesses. A recently purchased store front is poised to reopen as the Saints and Sinners Gentlemen’s Club. The planned Valentine’s Day opening did not happen, but they continue to work on renovations, as resistance against the business continues to grow.

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News Release – AG Needs to Make Connection

Last year in Pennsylvania there were 3400 substantiated cases of child abuse, more than half of those were child sexual abuse. The American Family Association of Pennsylvania, (AFA of PA) a pro-decency group which educates on the dangers of pornography, has contacted Attorney General Linda Kelly asking her to make the connection between pornography consumption and child sexual abuse.

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