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Action Alert – Ask Your State Senator to Co-Sponsor Resolution

A former US Marshall who is now in Pennsylvania’s State Senate is fed up with the anti-American NFL protests surrounding the National Motto and says they cannot go “unrebuked.” Senator Mike Regan, Republican from York County, is circulating a co-sponsorship memo for a resolution condemning the anti-American protests on the gridiron the weekend of September 23rd and 24th.

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Action Alert – Only One Steeler Stands

On Friday President Trump made some comments that did not set well with NFL players. He called out those players who refuse to stand for the National Motto before games. His choice of words were not appropriate, but he got the NFL’s attention. During Sunday’s Steelers vs. Bears game, only one Steelers’ player came to the field to stand for the National Anthem. Is he now being pressured to explain his actions away?

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Blog Post – Why Should We Be Surprised?

Kaepernick’s protest was joined by players on other NFL teams and other sports teams. It has now filtered down to high school sports players and even cheerleaders as happened at Cornell High School in Coraopolis. Unfortunately, this time the National Anthem was being performed by a Veterans of Foreign Wars Color Guard. A school board member told a local news station that the cheerleaders had the right to take a knee. The superintendent acknowledged the timing of the cheerleaders’ protest was not appropriate considering the presence of the VFW Color Guard, but he stood by their right to free speech!

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Action Alert – Still An NFL Fan?

The NFL fines players for anything from using vulgarity to wearing the wrong socks during games, but they don’t seem to be inclined to discipline players who refuse to stand during the National Anthem. Let the NFL Commissioner know your thoughts on that!

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