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Action Alert – Parents’ Right to Know What Their Children are Exposed to in School

There is a concerted effort to sexualize America’s children and the Commonwealth is right in the center of the controversy. The Left thinks the books that clearly have the purpose of sexualizing pre-school through 12th grade students are just fine! Is there any doubt that these books play a role in the increased accounts of student-on-student sexual assault? Bills have been introduced to give parents more rights when it comes to their child’s exposure to material they view as inappropriate.

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Action Alert – Senate State Government to Hold Hearing on Parental Rights Bill

Parental rights have eroded over recent years and we now see almost daily attacks on parents as they seek to bring up their children as they see fit. Even the Department of Justice describes parents who speak up at school board meetings as domestic terrorists. CYS is called in when parents make decisions that don’t adhere to the views of “woke” society. Thousands of children have been snatched from the arms of loving parents simply for not following the “pied piper” of an increasingly anti-Christian, anti-natural family, over-reaching government. Parental rights need to be restored.

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Podcast – What the Left’s Response to Florida’s Parental Rights Bill Exposes; Guest: Linda Harvey

So, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed he “Don’t Say Gay” bill into law and the Left has gone berserk! But wait, is that what the new law says or is that the Left’s effort to rewrite the text of the bill in order to intimidate. What agenda to the rightly named Parental Rights in Education Bill does this rabid response expose? Should we be even more concerned for our children in schools?

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Action Alert- Ask Your State Senator to Sign On As a Co-Sponsor

Increasingly we see the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit being infringed upon by the government and its agencies. The past two years have seen an increase in the loss of parental rights whether it be the government forcing children to wear a mask to school or ignoring parents’ objections to the teaching of certain curriculum like CRT. Senator Mastriano has introduced the Parental Rights Protection Act.

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Media Advisory – Parents Know Best News Conference and Rally

On September 24, 2019 beginning at 10:00 a.m., a “Parents Know Best News Conference and Rally” will take place in the Media Center and the Main Rotunda of the Capitol Building, respectively. The event will outline some of the many examples of a government seeking to take away the rights of parents. In too many cases the government steps in and does harm to both children and families in its attempt to wield its power and send the message that it knows what’s best for children.

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Action Alert – Parents Know Best News Conference and Rally

Due to recent court decisions, parental rights are under attack and steps need to be taken to protect them! Overreaching government agencies too often remove children from loving homes at the whim of a social worker. In many ways the system is corrupt and needs reform. Parental rights need to be declared fundamental rights! Plan to attend the News Conference and Rally on September 24th!

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Podcast – Loss of Parental Rights; Guest: Philadelphia Councilman David Oh

What do Casandra S, Justina Pelletier, “Annie,” Drake Pardo, an eight-year-old Cleveland Heights, Ohio boy, a four and seven year old brother and sister in California have in common? These list only a few of the children who have been removed from their home because the government determined they were being neglected or abused while no evidence supported the accusation. Smiles 4 Keeps in Bartonsville, PA threatened a mother that if she did not make a dental appointment for “regular professional cleanings” for her child, she could be charged with “dental neglect.” Court decisions have called into question the fundamental rights of parents. So, do parents still have rights or does the government now own our children?

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