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Podcast – Fox News Has Gone Woke, Not a Surprise to Some; Guest: Peter LaBarbera

Recent revelations about Fox News’ woke policies have come as a surprise to many Americans, but not all. This wokeness is reflected in Fox News 2021 policies, but it goes back further than that. I have an August 2011 article telling of Fox News’ parent company, News Corporation, published a magazine devoted to planning “gay” and lesbian weddings with the debut issue of Wedding Pride.

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Podcast – Is Monkey Pox a Danger to the General Public? Guest: Peter LaBarbera -Americans for Truth About Homosexuality

A lot is being said in the news about monkeypox. We are being warned it may be the next pandemic and the US government hasn’t done enough to stop its spread. But are we all in danger of it? We are also going to take a look at a recent Gallup Poll and answer the question as to whether LGBT indoctrination is something new and is the world becoming more pro-homosexual and less pro-transgender.

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Podcast – The Leftward March of Fox News; Guest: Peter LaBarbera

Like with Disney, which we discussed last week, we’ve seen hints that Fox News was leaning to the left, although we held out hope they would come around, but now we realize that hope will never be realized. However, Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality and our guest again today, lost hope in the media, including Fox News, a long time ago and back in 2013 wrote for American Survival, Inc. a 40,000 word report “Unfair, Unbalanced and Afraid: Fox News’ Growing Pro-Homosexual Bias and the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association.”

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Podcast-The Leftward March of Disney; Guest: Peter LaBarbera

As we are getting closer to vacation time seems like theme parks whose survival depends upon the money brought in by families would be catering to those families, but one big name in the entertainment and theme park industries is going the opposite direction. Could it be they are depending upon the short memories of Americans or pressure from the kids to make their vacation plans around Disney? Only time will tell, but is Disney’s embrace of the LGBTQ agenda something new or should we have been playing closer attention? This will be the first of a two parter dealing with the LGBTQA+ agenda. Today we take on Disney, next week we’ll take on Fox News.

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Podcast – Biden’s LGBTQ Agenda for America; Guest: Peter LaBarbera

Last week the program zeroed in on President Biden’s nomination of Dr. “Rachel” Levine, today we’re going to take a broader look at his over LGBTQ agenda, which goes much further than his nominations of open lesbians and transgenders. It goes much further and will impact our military, our schools, girls and women’s sports and every American by using our tax dollars to further this agenda through school programs and funding what the activists now call “gender confirmation surgeries” which is an attempt to change the outward appearance of someone who wants to transition to the opposite sex by chopping off healthy body parts and cosmetic surgery.

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Podcast – Why Dr. Levine is Unqualified; Guest – Peter LaBarbera

President Biden has been very busy implementing his agenda through executive orders, I guess he’s forgotten why the Senators and Representatives are there. He’s also been busy naming radicals to become members of his cabinet. And one of those is Pennsylvania’s own Secretary of Health Dr. “Rachel” Levine. However, it appears Biden’s LGBTQ agenda goes beyond Dr. “Rachel” Levine and it looks very similar to Barak Obama’s.

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Podcast – Pixar and Netflix targeting our Children; Guest: Peter LaBarbera

As LGBTQ+ activists make advances in convincing America that how they are living, the activities they engage in are all perfectly normal, the primary target is children because they know full-well that if they can convince the younger generation that what they do is normal, then they will ultimately win the war. Are there enough people willing to stand up against this attack on our children? Are there enough people to even acknowledge there is an attack on our children? We will provide the evidence, but it’s up to concerned parents and grandparents to get involved to protect our nation’s children.

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Podcast – Bostock Case-redefining ‘sex’ in Title VII; Guest: Peter Labarbera

On Jun 15th six of the US Supreme Court Justices told God He was wrong to just recognize two sexes, He was also wrong to not recognize that some people are just born gay. And, to them, it was apparent that the writers of Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964 just didn’t’ understand what the word sex meant either, so those six stepped out of their judges’ robes and put on the mantle of legislator and “helped out” God and those 1964 legislators to understand the real world! Was it their role? What impact will this decision have? Those are just a couple of the questions we’ll delve into today.

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Podcast – Who Was Harvey Milk? Why Would the Navy Name a Ship After Him? Guest: Peter LaBarbera

On July 14, 2016 then Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus signed a notification indicating he intended to name a planned Military Sealift Command fleet oiler USNS Harvey Milk. In a statement given to the US Naval Institute, Mabus said the ship “will, for decades to come, serve as a visible legacy of Harvey Milk’s committed service to his nation, both as a sailor and as an activist.” So, this Harvey Milk guy must be a great hero. But just who is Harvey Milk?

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Podcast: History and Danger of “Gay Pride” Month; Guest: Peter LaBarbera

Gay Pride Month — how’d this all start? According to the Erie Times News, “June is officially known as Pride Month, honoring LGBTQ+ equality and acceptance around the world. “ That seems like a stretch, but what is it really and how did we get where we are with gay pride parades and festivals in most, if not all, major cities around the world? And all this with corporate sponsorship?

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