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Action Alert – Ask State Senators to Oppose This Activist

Governor Tom Wolf is seeking to promote the current Physician General and Acting Secretary of Health, Dr. “Rachel” Levine, to be the next full-time Secretary of Health. Dr. Levine is a man who thinks he is a woman. Formerly known as Richard Levine, he is a self-avowed LGBT activist and seeks to use this position as a means to normalize transgenderism!

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Action Alert – He is Using His Position to Further His Agenda

On October 2nd Dr. Richard Levine, now known as “Dr. Rachel Levine,” helped PECO (Philadelphia Electric Company) kick off LGBT history month. PECO already has a reputation for being “gay” friendly and has an open homosexual for vice president. The company is a sponsor of the Philadelphia Gay Pride Parade, has a float in the parade and a booth at the festival that follows. It has now taken another step down the perversion trail.

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