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Blog Post- September 11, 2021: What Have We Learned in the Past 20 Years?

Twenty years ago today America was attacked by Muslim terrorists. From the air they came. First the twin towers of the World Trade Center were targeted for devastation; then the Pentagon was attacked with a third plane turning around and heading east. Its destination was not certain, but its logical path would have been Washington, DC. Twenty years have come and gone — what have we learned?’

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Action Alert – Thank Senator Tim Scott

Thank Senator Tim Scott for standing up for America in his speech in response to President Biden’s speech before a joint session of Congress. He spoke the truth about the new Georgia voting law, about the Democrats spending going to their pet projects rather than to help hurting Americans and about America’s greatness.

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Action Alert -Biden’s Attorney General Pick is NOT a Moderate

President Biden’s nominee for US Attorney General is not the moderate he is being portrayed as. He believes biological males should be allowed to compete with females in sports; he supports imposing a national gun registry, forcing pro-life groups to fund abortions, suing gun makers for the acts of gun users, etc. Definitely not positions that a future US Attorney General should have. Ask Senators Casey and Toomey to vote against Garland’s confirmation.

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Podcast – Biden’s LGBTQ Agenda for America; Guest: Peter LaBarbera

Last week the program zeroed in on President Biden’s nomination of Dr. “Rachel” Levine, today we’re going to take a broader look at his over LGBTQ agenda, which goes much further than his nominations of open lesbians and transgenders. It goes much further and will impact our military, our schools, girls and women’s sports and every American by using our tax dollars to further this agenda through school programs and funding what the activists now call “gender confirmation surgeries” which is an attempt to change the outward appearance of someone who wants to transition to the opposite sex by chopping off healthy body parts and cosmetic surgery.

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Podcast- President Biden’s Dangerous Climate Change EOs; Guest: Dr. Calvin Beisner

Day One and President Biden signs seventeen executive orders including blocking the cross-border permit for Keystone XL Pipeline between the US and Canada, placing a temporary ban on fracking on federal property (we’ll see how temporary that will be!), and reentering the Paris Climate Accord. He views all this as not only saving the planet, but helping the economy! The Progressives’ idea is that all fossil fuels are bad and their use must be eliminated. President Biden calls climate change an existential threat, but is it?

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