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Podcast – The Real Problem is Teachers’ Unions; Guest: Rebecca Friedrichs

The public education system is a wreck, but there are still many good teachers in the system. In too many states there seems to be a concerted effort to push out the conservative teachers. A good example is the Culturally-Relevant and Sustaining Education Program Framework Guidelines recently implemented by the PA Department of Education that all teachers must agree to in order to get their teaching certificate – but that’s a whole other program! Today we are going to look at teachers unions and the impact they have on schools, teachers, curriculum, and the entire woke agenda.

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Podcast: Social Emotional Learning; Guest – Cheryl Boise

Upwards to 90 percent of America’s children attend public school. This is a tragic number as the public education system continues get worse even as hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars are dumped into this failed system each year, with politicians calling for more and more to be dumped into this deep black hole! This is not the answer and as long as government mandates come out of Washington, DC and, to some extent, Harrisburg the problems will not go away and the quality of education will continue declining. One thing we are hearing more and more about is Social Emotional Learning or SEL. Is that part of PA’s public education system? If so, how did it get there and is this a good idea or bad?

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