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Podcast – Why citizens need to be vigilant when it comes to school board meetings; Guest: Lou Aliota

No one can deny that the public schools of today are not the public schools that we attended. In too many cases, today’s public schools are more like indoctrination centers for the woke agenda. This did not happen overnight, but has been decades in the making. Since the COVID lockdowns parents have been awakened to what their children are being taught in the local taxpayer-funded schools and, by and large, they are shocked, frustrated and outraged with what they have witnessed. There is a move across the Commonwealth as many who have never been involved in anything political are stepping up to run for school board in order to create a better learning environment for students. Will that be an easy job?

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Action Alert – Committee Vote on HB 2093 – Bill Eliminating Cross Filing of School Board Candidates

School Board elections can be very difficult and one reason is we don’t know their positions on important issues because they are very hesitant to make their positions known. Additionally, the voters don’t even know to which party they belong because they are allowed to cross file . . . so, are they really a Republican or Democrat?? A bill has been introduced that would disallow cross filing for school board candidates. It will be voted on in committee soon.

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News Release: East Pennsboro Is At a Crossroads

Tonight’s vote at the East Pennsboro school board meeting will determine whether students will face indoctrination that endangers their well-being or they will remain safe from the social engineering that goes hand in hand with so-called Gay Straight Alliance Clubs or GSAs. The tie vote of the board on April 2nd showed that at least half the board understands the legal liability the school may face by allowing homosexuality education into the schools. The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) has contacted the school board members with the exact language of the Equal Access Act and a list of disruptive activities GSAs promote in their respective schools.

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News Release: State College Area School District Makes Another Wrong Decision

Tonight by a 6-2 vote the State College Area School board approved changes in their anti-discrimination policies for students and the district hiring practices to include ‘sexual orientation and gender identity.’ This move follows on the heels of the district offering same-sex domestic partner benefits to its homosexual employees. The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide traditional values and child advocacy group, is appalled that the board takes their responsibility of providing for the safety of their students so lightly.

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News Release: Abington School District Approves Wrong Policy

In a move to place pressure on the Abington Township Board of Commissioners to pass a so-called anti-discrimination ordinance which includes sexual orientation and gender identity, last night the Abington School District approved a policy change adding that same terminology to their “Non-discrimination – Professional and Non-Professional Employees” policy. In an e-mailed statement, the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a student advocacy group, expressed concern that the district’s move may place employees as well as students in danger.

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