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Action Alert – What One Democrat Reports About Election Fraud

The question is simple: Does a majority of State House and State Senate members have the courage to do what is right and address the election irregularities in the November 3, 2020 election BEFORE January 6th? The PA Constitution gives them the power to demand Wolf call a Special Session and the US Constitution is clear in Article II that it is the state legislatures which choose the electors. Which of our elected legislators have the courage?

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Action Alert – Update on Exposing Election Fraud

Election integrity is paramount to the survival of the nation and currently there are hundreds, if not thousands, of unanswered questions as a result of the anomalies from the November 3rd election. Issues the Democrats seem unwilling to acknowledge, let alone address. Representative Daryl Metcalfe has begun the effort to petition Governor Wolf for a Special Session in order to investigate the integrity of the vote.

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