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Allegheny County Alert – Therapy Ban in Committee

If someone needs therapy, they should be allowed to get it. However, Allegheny County Council is considering a bill that would ban therapy for minors with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion. The key word here is “unwanted.” They want these feelings to go away, but if this bill passes they will only be permitted to get therapy that encourages these unwanted feelings and not delve into the underlying issues that are causing them!

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Podcast: Dangers of Banning Talk Therapy; Guest: David Pickup

No one can doubt that the LGBT agenda is being promoted in many public schools, college, universities, the entertainment and news media. As this promotion occurs and the homosexual and transgender lifestyles become normalized in our nation, too many children are left confused about who they are. This too is part of the strategy of LGBT activists — target vulnerable and highly impressionable young children in the activists’ quest to “prove” some are born gay or transgender.

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