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Action Alert – Stop the Taxpayer Funded Fetal Experiments

The University of Pittsburgh wants more money from you and me. Last year they received $151 million taxpayer dollars, yet they continue their fetal tissue experimentation using aborted baby body parts. Most Pennsylvanians do not want their money used for such experiments. The new budget must not include funding to the University of Pittsburgh unless these cease these experiments.

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News Release: Democrats Want to Save Animal Babies, but Not Human Babies

Democrats in the State House have joined Democrats in the State Senate to protect animals from being research subjects in scientific experiments.  While this is a noble cause and animals should not be used in such manner, the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide advocacy group, questions their lack of compassion for human babies who are used in scientific experiments.

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Action Alert – Budget Update

The State House is attempting to fund the four state-related schools without the Knowles Amendment which forces the schools to promise they are not conducting experiments using aborted baby body parts. The House Appropriations Committee amended the previously Senate-passed SB 1284 and the new version passed in the State House, but must now go back to the Senate.

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Action Alert – University of Pittsburgh Funding Restricted

PA’s fiscal year ended June 30, but we still do not have a new budget approved for next year. Democrats are decrying the fact that one major sticking point is the funding for the University of Pittsburgh and the other three state-related universities. Remember the University of Pittsburgh was caught using fetal tissue from aborted babies in unethical experiments. PA taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize such experiments!

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