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Blog Post – Insurrection: yes or no?

Legal experts say insurrection is nearly impossible to prove in court. Perhaps that is why no one from the riot on January 6, 2021 has been charged with insurrection! Yet, the mainstream media and leftist politicians continue using that word. Let’s face it: the only reason they are using that word is it places fear in the hearts and minds of Americans and they are using it to get President Trump disqualified from running for the presidency in 2024.

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Action Alert – Parental Rights Amendment to be Introduced in Congress

The protection of parental rights should be a fundamental right, yet the US Constitution does not specifically address that issue. An increasingly overbearing government requires the necessity to amend the US Constitution in order to protect the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit. Soon a Parental Rights Amendment will be introduced in Congress.

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Action Alert – Constitution Day 2021

Today is Constitution Day. Do most Americans know what the Constitution says or what the original intent of its writers were? No! And, unfortunately, most in the future generations of Americans are not being taught the truth about the US Constitution or the Founding Fathers. All Americans must understand our founding document in order to recognize government overreach, etc.

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Action Alert – Are There Any Remaining Steps?

The U.S. Constitution places ultimate authority for designating presidential Electors in the hands of state legislatures and the dates of December 8th and December 14th are arbitrary as they are not in the US Constitution. The ongoing fight for election integrity goes on! State legislators must step up and fulfill their constitutional duty . . . and the governor does NOT have to play a role!

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Action Alert – September 17 is Constitution Day! What’s Your Child’s School Doing About It?

On June 21, 1788, New Hampshire became the ninth state (and last one necessary) to ratify the document, and it was subsequently agreed that the United States’ government under the U.S. Constitution would begin on March 4, 1789. The U.S. Constitution is the oldest written constitution in operation in the world and all Americans should know what it says. This highlights how very important it is that the nation’s school use September 17, Constitution Day, to educate students on the history and importance of the US Constitution.

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Action Alert – Is a ‘Convention of States’ What the Nation Needs?

Some conservatives have fallen for the idea that an Article V “Convention of States” would solve all the nation’s problems because amendments could be added to the US Constitution that would “fix” our problems. However, this thinking ignores the fact that many George Soros-funded organizations also want a “Convention of States.”! It also ignores the fact that Article V of the US Constitution does not set down any rules for such a meeting!

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Action Alert – Constitution Day

How important is the US Constitution?? Today is a good time to reexamine its importance and be reminded of how very much we need to get back to what the writers of this document intended for this nation. We need to also be reminded how much these writers depended upon God and recognized the need to keep Him first.

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Action Alert – Remember the ERA?? It’s B-A-C-K!!

The Equal Rights Amendment was sent to Congress in 1972 with a seven-year time frame to get 38 states to ratify it. The goal was not reached and an extension was approved by Congress. That second goal was not reached and, at that time, the supporters of the ERA agreed it was dead. However, in today’s crazy world it has been resurrected and its proponents are saying they only need three states to ratify it in order for the ERA to become part of the US Constitution – totally ignoring the deadline has passed twice and five states have rescinded their original approval!!

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Action Alert – Parents Know Best Rally in Harrisburg

In the past courts sided with parents unless there was evidence of child abuse or neglect, but that can no longer be guaranteed. Increasingly courts are not viewing parents as those who know best for their children and are siding more on the “rights of the child.” A Parental Rights Amendment to the US Constitution must be added in order to protect parental rights. Right now a bill has been introduced in Harrisburg that would go a long way to protecting parental rights. A rally in support of those rights will be held at the State Capitol on April 10th.

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