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Action Alert – Rule Change Comment Deadline is Today

News flash – males and females are different! This fact remains no matter what politicians are saying and to deny these differences is discriminatory against females. The US Department of Education is seeking to change the Title IX rules in order to force all schools to permit males on females sports teams. They want to hear from you concerning this matter.

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Action Alert – Eliminating the US Department of Education

The US Department of Education has been around since 1980.  Since that time, we have seen the federal government dictate what schools can teach, how they can teach it and seen our schools becoming indoctrination centers for the Left.  This has been exposed extensively the past few years and parents have been ignored by school boards across the country and even been declared ‘domestic terrorists’ by this administration’s Department of Justice.  It is time for the unconstitutional US Department of Education to go!  Nowhere in the US Constitution does the federal government have the authority to be involved in the education of the nation’s children. 

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Action Alert – This Proposed Policy Change Sets the Country Back 50 Years

If they receive any federal dollars, pre-K through university level schools would be required to allow biological males who identify as female to play girls’ sports, use their locker and shower rooms and even share hotel rooms with them if a sporting event requires an overnight stay. This proposed rule change by the US Department of Education completely rewrites Title IX and destroys the protections to girls that were implemented in 1972.

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Podcast – Dangers of Title IX Changes; Guest: Linda Harvey

School is right around the corner and my prediction is that the 2022-2023 school year will be another challenging year for both students and parents. Not necessarily challenging academically, but challenging as more and more schools are indoctrinating rather than educating students, as parents are shut out of their child’s schooling, as unscientific mask mandates will continue to be pushed on students. But it’s not just local school boards or the Pennsylvania State Education Association (NEA’s affiliate) or Governor Wolf – the attack is coming from higher up!

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Action Alert – US Department of Education Seeking Public Comment

The current administration is pushing the entire LGBTQ+ agenda on every level of the American education system. The US Department of Education is holding a virtual hearing this week to get comments concerning President Biden’s two executive orders regarding Title IX and the redefinition of “sex” in it to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

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