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Action Alert – Ask Schools to Protect Our School Children!

The governors of twelve states have told their school districts to ignore the directive sent by the US Department of Education and US Department of Justice demanding that they open the girls’ bathroom, locker and shower rooms to boys, but don’t expect any help from Governor Tom Wolf — he nominated a “transgender woman” to be PA’s Physician General after all. Maybe members of the State House and State Senate care about the safety of children in Pennsylvania’s public schools! This would be an excellent time to advance the Parental Rights bill — HB 1512!

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Action Alert-SCOTUS to Consider Romeike Case

It’s again time to pray for the Romeike family who fled Germany with their children in order to freely homeschool them in the United States. They were originally granted temporary asylum by an immigration judge in 2010, but the Obama administration appealed that decision and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the immigration judge’s decision.

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News Release: Harrisburg Needs to Pay Attention to These Dangerous Court Decisions

Today the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled unanimously in a homosexual ‘divorce’ case that Maryland must recognize same-sex so-called marriages performed in other states. This action takes place as an effort to gather signatures on a petition to force a marriage referendum on the November ballot is underway. The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) is again issuing a warning about the need to move HB 1434 through the House and to stop any effort to change the PA Human Relations Act to include “sexual orientation.”

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