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Action Alert – Constitutional Amendment Providing for Voter ID

The majority of Pennsylvania voters want voter ID in order to vote. Yet, due to a previous court decision throwing out our voter ID law and a governor’s unwillingness to appeal that decision, PA does not have a voter ID law that requires all voters to show ID to vote. Senators Doug Mastriano and Judy Ward are seeking to propose a constitutional amendment that would require all voters provide voter ID. This is the first step in a lengthy process.

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Blog: Voting Laws and the Administration

It is increasingly apparent that the Obama Administration wants unrestricted access to the voting booth for all who want to vote – legally or not! In this most recent case the Department of Justice joined challenges to voting laws in Wisconsin and Ohio. Wisconsin passed a law that required showing photo ID in order to vote and in Ohio a new law reduced early voting and eliminated Golden Week, a five- or six-day period when Ohioans could both register to vote and cast a ballot. Obama’s Justice Department does not like any of these laws.

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Action Alert: HB 934 Needs Your Senator’s Support

HB 934 would require valid “proof of identification” in order to vote in a Pennsylvania primary or general election. This would greatly cut down on voter fraud. On June 23 HB 934 passed the State House and went to the Senate State Government Committee. It was amended and reported out on December 12th. On December 14th is was referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

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