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                    Allentown Timeline:

  • April 2002 City Council adds 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity to human rights ordinance -- 
  • Effort immediately begins to force referendum on November 2002 ballot giving all voters in Allentown an opportunity to weigh in on change in ordinance.
  • July 2002 necessary signatures collected.  However the acts of intimidation and harassment on the part of homosexual activists force over 600 signatories to sign affidavits saying that they were misled and did not intend to sign the petition.  Even though there is no such provision in the city's laws the mayor tells the city clerk to remove the names, thus the petition drive falls short of the necessary total
  • June 2003-- transgender prison guard in Carbon County wins lawsuit against union -- which is based in Allentown -- and can now wear a dress to work!  News Release
  • Allentown's new ordinance is challenged by several landlords in the city.  
  • June 2004 -- A lower court finds that the city has overstepped its bounds in passing an ordinance that is not a part of the Pennsylvania statutes.   
    News Release
  • August 2005 -- The Commonwealth Court overturns the lower court decision and says the Allentown human rights ordinance is permissible even though state law does not include such language in the PA Human Relations Act.  Conclusion -- men can wear dresses to work and shower with women in the workplace!  
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