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Part II


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  December 21, 2007
CONTACT:  Diane Gramley  1.814.437.5355 or 1.814.271.9078

State College Borough’s Christmas Present to Residents:  Men in Women’s Restrooms

(Harrisburg) –  Passage of a so-called anti-discrimination ordinance by the State College Borough Council on December 17th will open the door to discrimination against employers with deeply held religious beliefs that homosexual acts are sinful, according to a statewide traditional values group.  Additionally, the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) states that the ordinance will require employers to permit men who believe they are women to use the women’s restrooms and locker rooms in a workplace setting.  

“Christmas time – the perfect time to push this type radical agenda through when everyone is busy with last minute shopping and preparation for the upcoming holidays.  It appears the Borough Council is more interested in toeing the line drawn by homosexual and cross dressing activists than it is in taking steps to insure employers can make decisions that are best for their company,” Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA, commented.

This effort began last year with pressure being applied by the PA Human Relations Commission (PHRC)– specifically open homosexual chairman Stephen Glassman.  It is part of his continued agenda to get municipalities to pass these type ordinances.

The inclusion of ‘gender identity’ is so radical that it was removed from the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) because open homosexual Congressman Barney Frank knew he did not have the votes to get it passed.  In October PHRC Chairman Stephen Glassman was the signatory of a letter demanding that the ‘gender identity’ language remain part of ENDA. But even this bill only pertains to employers with fifteen or more employees not four as apparently the State College ordinance does. 

“The full ramifications of this bill have not been explained to employers.  Men in women’s restrooms do not make for a good and safe work environment and I don’t believe there is a husband in State College who wants his wife or a father in State College who wants his daughter confronted with that type situation in the workplace.  Additionally have religious schools been told that if they participate in the reduced lunch program that is considered government appropriations and they would be required to hire homosexuals and cross dressers under this ordinance?   What kind of message would this send the children attending those schools?” questioned Gramley.

State College Borough needs to be honest about the far reaching and damaging ramifications of this ordinance.  No matter what homosexual and cross dressing activists say, it will have a negative impact upon the businesses within the borough.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  December 13, 2007

CONTACT:  Diane Gramley   1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355


Philadelphia’s Fair Practices Ordinance Now Targets English


(Philadelphia) -- It wasn’t enough to use Philadelphia’s Fair Practices ordinance to attack the Cradle of Liberty Boy Scout Council, now our native tongue is being attacked!  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) supports the right of Joey Vento, as a business owner, to place a sign reading “This is America. When ordering, please speak English" in his landmark South Philly cheese steak restaurant Geno's.  Tomorrow December 14th Mr. Vento will have his day in court.


“This is yet another example of just how unfair Philadelphia’s ‘fair’ practices ordinance is.  In their attempt to not offend anyone, the City is offending many simply by their lack of common sense – common sense which tells you to get ahead in a new country you have to learn the language – common sense which says the Boy Scouts are good for a city,” commented Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.


As Mr. Vento has noted, his grandparents came to this county from Sicily and had to learn English.  There were no English and Italian signs because to truly become a productive citizen in your new country you have to learn the language.  Mr. Vento’s grandparents knew that then and he knows that now. 


The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations views the sign as discriminatory and has asked Mr. Vento to remove it.  He has refused, saying service has never been denied a customer; that would be bad for business.  That assurance is not good enough for the Commission and intends on making an example of Mr. Vento by forcing him to remove the sign.  They contend Mr. Vento violated a section of the city's Fair Practices Ordinance that prohibits the owner of a public accommodation from putting up a sign aimed at "any specific group" to make its members feel discriminated against or unwelcome.


“The sign provision in the Fair Practices Ordinance is ludicrous.  If business owners can’t put up signs targeting a specific group, how can they put up signs targeting customers?  Non-customers may feel discriminated against.  If people were really offended by the sign placed at Geno’s or felt discriminated against, they would stop going there and they’d go out of business.  If there was a real problem, it would be dealt with the American way – disgruntled customers leave,” Gramley concluded.


Philadelphia is facing another attack by the politically correct.  Mr. Vento, as the Boy Scouts, is the one being discriminated against.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  December 12, 2007

CONTACT:  Diane Gramley   1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355


Fifteen Year Old Comments Upset AIDS Victim Ryan White’s Mother


(Harrisburg) – Governor Mike Huckabee’s comments about isolating AIDS patients were made two years after Ryan White’s tragic death in 1990. 

Those words now upset his mother, who wants to meet with the presidential candidate.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) understands Mrs. White-Ginder’s continued grief, but encourages her to take a closer look at the AIDS epidemic.  Her son was one of many innocent bystanders who have become victims of this horrific disease. 


In the early 1980’s in an attempt to protect the nation’s blood supply and control the spread of HIV/AIDS, the Food and Drug Administration began banning blood donations by any man who had ever had sex with another man since 1977.  That ban continues.  In the early days of the ban, an error or oversight occurred when the blood used to obtain the blood clotting agents for Ryan contained the HIV virus with causes AIDS.

The CDC reports about 1.5 million people in the United States have been infected with the AIDS virus since 1981, resulting in more than 500,000 deaths.  The CDC reports that the majority of those cases are men who have sex with men (MSM).  In fact, in 2005, almost three quarters of HIV/AIDS diagnoses were for male adolescents and adults. The CDC also report that approximately 40,000 people become infected with HIV each year. 

“The AFA of PA again asks why this fact is being downplayed.  How would the picture have changed if HIV/AIDS had been treated as other unknown diseases?  What other disease has been ignored in such a way that we now have a major public health risk?” questioned Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA. 

If HIV/AIDS had been treated like other epidemics, including quarantine, the spread of the disease would have been minimized.  The CDC now recognizes that bisexuals – those having sex with both men and women – are a bridge for AIDS to heterosexual women.  The devastating affects of this disease could have been limited, if the proper medical procedures had been followed. 


q     Recently in Chicago four transplant patients receiving organs from one donor were infected with AIDS.

q     MSM made up more than two thirds (68%) of all men living with HIV in 2005, even though only about 5% to 7% of men in the United States reported having sex with other men.  

q     In a 2005 study of 5 large US cities, 46% of African American MSM were HIV-positive.

q     A November 21, 2005 editorial from the homosexual newspaper The Advocate confirmed the Food and Drug Administration’s ban on blood donations from men who have sex with men was a good idea.  “To be precise and accurate, what the FDA, CDC, American Red Cross, and their international equivalents hope to prevent with their policies is the unwanted introduction of HIV into the blood supply by individuals who have engaged in “high-risk” behavior.”

q     The Department of Health & Human Services also excludes gay men from donating bone marrow.


“If HIV/AIDS is not dealt with honestly, there will be no end to the epidemic.  If homosexual activists force the FDA to drop their ban on blood donations from men who have sex with men, there will be many more Ryan Whites in the world.  Mrs. White-Ginder needs to realize that the only compassionate response is to look honestly at the disease and realize that male homosexual activity is how it is spread in the majority of cases,” Gramley concluded.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  December 12, 2007

CONTACT:  Diane Gramley   1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355


Majority of PA Congressmen Vote to Recognize the Importance of Christmas and the Christian Faith, But . . .


(Harrisburg) – Last evening the U.S. House passed House Resolution 847 by a vote of 372 to 9.  This resolution recognizes the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith.   But the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide traditional values group, is questioning the vote of Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz.


“We are very pleased that seventeen of our nineteen Congressmen voted to recognize the importance of Christmas and the Christian Faith.  Congressman John Murtha was one of forty who did not vote and unfortunately Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz decided to simply vote ‘present’ rather than take a stand on such a controversial issue as Christmas,” noted Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.


On October 2nd all nineteen of PA’s U.S. Congressmen voted in favor of a resolution supporting the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.  Apparently on that day Congresswoman Schwartz did not hesitate to vote for a resolution supporting the religion of the nineteen hijackers of 9/11 who brought down the World Trade Center, flew their airliner/missile into the Pentagon, and caused the death of the crew and passengers of Flight 93 as it crashed into a field outside Shanksville, PA. 


“I believe there are more Christians in her district than Muslims and they deserve an explanation for her vote last night,” Gramley further stated.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  December 8, 2007

CONTACT:  Diane Gramley   1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355


Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee is Right in AIDS Statements – isolation of AIDS patients necessary and homosexual acts are unnatural and sinful


(Harrisburg) --  A statewide pro-family group responding to an AP story today of the 1992 responses of then senatorial candidate Mike Huckabee says those responses are still accurate in 2007.   The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), which closely monitors efforts to normalize the homosexual lifestyle, also believes engaging in homosexual sex as sinful and ignoring the facts about HIV/AIDS has created a public health risk. 


“CDC statistics show that males engaging in homosexual sex are the greatest risk factor for HIV/AIDS.  Why is that fact being downplayed?  What other disease has been ignored in such a way that we now have a major public health risk?” questioned Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA. 


If HIV/AIDS had been treated like other epidemics, including quarantine, the spread of the disease would have been minimized.  The CDC now recognizes that bisexuals – those having sex with both men and women – are a bridge for AIDS to heterosexual women.  The devastating affects of this disease could have been dealt with if the proper medical procedures had been followed.  


Currently the CDC bans men who have sex with men from donating blood.  Recently in Chicago four transplant patients receiving organs from one donor were infected with AIDS.  Receiving medical treatment is becoming increasingly dangerous as the facts about HIV/AIDS continue to be ignored. 


From a CDC Fact Sheet entitled “HIV/AIDS and Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM)”:   

  • AIDS has been diagnosed for more than half a million MSM. Over 300,000 MSM with AIDS have died since the beginning of the epidemic.
  • MSM made up more than two thirds (68%) of all men living with HIV in 2005, even though only about 5% to 7% of men in the United States reported having sex with other men.
  • In a 2005 study of 5 large US cities, 46% of African American MSM were HIV-positive.

“In the attempt to normalize a sinful, dangerous activity – homosexual sex – many innocent people have been hurt and even died as the result. The end of the AIDS epidemic will come only after true compassion takes control and that compassion is being truthful about HIV/AIDS.  We can no longer be politically correct as we face this public health risk.  If we want to end the AIDS epidemic start telling the truth,” concluded Gramley.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  December 3, 2007
CONTACT:  Diane Gramley   1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355

The Headlines Should Read:  City of Philadelphia’s Discriminatory Practices Against the Boy Scouts!

(Philadelphia) --  “What more does the City of Philadelphia want?” a statewide pro-family group is asking today as the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council (COLBSA) faces eviction for their adherence to the national policy in banning homosexuals.  December 3rd is the city-imposed deadline placed before the Boy Scouts to either sign a lease for $200,000 per year for use of a building that the Scouts built and have maintained since 1929 or pack their boxes and move out by May 31st.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), acting on the frustration felt by many in the three counties that will be directly affected by the city’s discriminatory practices against COLBSA, has delivered over 1,000 names supporting the Boy Scouts to Philadelphia Mayor John Street and City Council President Anna Verna.

“Philadelphia’s discriminatory attack upon the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council does not just affect the City of Philadelphia, but also the other two counties that are serviced by the Cradle of Liberty and the ones who financially support the Scouts from other surrounding counties.  Delaware and Montgomery Counties are just as much affected by this decision as the City of Philadelphia. Over the last few days we’ve given some of those individuals an opportunity to express their frustration by signing the petition,” explained Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

The signers of these petitions are also sending a message to their elected officials – Mayor John Street may not be facing re-election because of term limits, but the City Council members will still be facing the voters.  

Additionally, exactly what does the City of Philadelphia want from the Scouts who have already passed a non-discrimination policy stating that all people will be respected and their rights defended?  Apparently homosexual activists, including City Solicitor Romulo Diaz, are not satisfied because the words ‘sexual orientation’ are not spelled out in the policy. 

January, 2004


“Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America, operates to help children and their families in Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania. As the most diverse youth serving organization in our service area, we are committed to this mission and we oppose any form of unlawful discrimination. All of our members repeatedly pledge to respect all people and defend the rights of others. Prejudice, intolerance and unlawful discrimination in any form are unacceptable within the ranks of Cradle of Liberty Council.”

“The City of Philadelphia and homosexual activists are trying to make an example of the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council.  This attack on the Boy Scouts would not have happened if the words ‘sexual orientation’ had not been added to Philadelphia’s Fair Practices ordinance.  This should be a warning to all that organizations such as the Boy Scouts will be one of the first targets if ‘sexual orientation’ is added to laws.  The City of Philadelphia is more concerned with keeping homosexual activists appeased than they are in fighting gang violence, keeping kids off the streets and giving them some hope” Gramley further noted.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  December 1, 2007

CONTACT:  Diane Gramley   1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355


Pastor Rick Warren and Hillary Clinton are Both Wrong on AIDS


(Harrisburg) --  Today is World AIDS Day and a statewide pro-family organization, the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), stated that the truth is being side-stepped when it comes to HIV/AIDS and there seems to be major players in the deception.  From November 28th to 30th Rick Warren held Saddleback Church’s third annual ‘Global Summit on AIDS and the Church.’   There were over fifty speakers including Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  The first annual Youth HIV/AIDS Summit will be held on December 1st.


“One must wonder when all these organizations which approach this issue from many different angles get together to discuss HIV/AIDS, whose idea wins out?  Will it be those who say that everyone in the world should be tested for HIV/AIDS because they are likely going to contract it?  Will it be those who encourage condom distribution or abstinence to stop the spread of AIDS?  Will it be those who view the AIDS epidemic as a moral issue and approach the solution in that manner seeking to address the cause of the ailment and not just treat the symptoms?  Who wins out and how much accurate information is provided in the debate?” questioned Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.


Gramley further commented, “HIV/AIDS cases are largely the result of sexual activity between homosexual men.  Unfortunately, more innocent ‘bystanders’ are being exposed to the virus – a faithful wife whose unfaithful husband brings it home, those who receive tainted blood through transfusions and children are being added to the numbers of AIDS cases, but these can all be traced back to someone being involved in sinful activity.”


The AFA of PA hopes that the following information was included in the “Global Summit on AIDS and the Church.”  If hard hitting and accurate – not politically correct – information is not presented then it will be the children of the world who will suffer the most because of the misinformation perpetuated by adults.  

  • Men who have sex with men made up more than two thirds (68%) of all men living with HIV in 2005, even though only about 5% to 7% of men in the United States reported having sex with other men.
  • Men who have sex with men accounted for 71% of all HIV infections among male adults and adolescents in 2005
  • The CDC acknowledges that bisexual men are a bridge to heterosexual women for HIV/AIDS infections.
  •  Dr. James Chin, former head of a World Health Organization Global Program on Aids unit from 1987-1992 and Drs. Edward Green and Daniel Halperin, formerly with AIDS units of USAID, accumulated and publicized much of the evidence that forced the UN to publicly admit the serious flaws with its AIDS numbers.  Although Dr. Chin believes there are 25 million AIDS cases worldwide, the UN is still reporting there are 33 million.  He told the Washington Post, “ . . .  they're getting closer. It's a little high, but it's not outrageous anymore".
  • Exaggerated numbers mean more money for AIDS programs.  AIDS researchers have stated that AIDS has become a “Billion Dollar Industry.”
  • The National Institutes of Health spends $182, 807 per AIDS death compared to the second closest – diabetes deaths – which clocks in at $14,236. More tax dollars were spent on AIDS than cancer or heart disease, which each kill more than 10 times more people annually in the U.S.?  Kay Warren and the Saddleback Church is urging all presidential candidates to expand the Bush administration’s $30 million Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. 
  • Health officials in large American cities are allowing the reopening of gay bathhouses, which facilitate the promiscuous sex that fuels the epidemic. 
  • Abstinence works – not condoms.  African countries with the highest levels of condom availability such as Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa and Kenya also have some of the highest number of HIV cases in the world.    In May 2006 Kenya’s First Lady said, “Condoms are causing the spread of AIDS in this country.”  She has joined with Uganda’s First Lady in promoting abstinence programs, not condom distribution. 
  • The AIDS prevention program in Uganda, the country with the greatest decrease in AIDS cases, has cut pre-marital and extra-marital sexual activity down by stressing abstinence and fidelity to one's spouse. The HIV transmission rate fell from 18% to 5-7%.

Questions to consider:

1.)    On November 28th did the speakers from the Mazzoni Center, Philadelphia’s GLBT health center, give the above statistics to the 14-21 year olds who attended the Rainbow Room’s World AIDS Day presentation at Planned Parenthood in Doylestown or were they encouraged to use condoms?

2.)    As schools addressed World AIDS Day did they provide their students with accurate information or was it ‘politically correct’ information ignoring the high numbers of men who have sex with men and have HIV/AIDS?  How did a school’s Gay Straight Alliance or GSA participate in observing World AIDS Day?

3.)    On December 1st  will youth attending Saddleback Church’s first AIDS Youth Summit get accurate statistics or will it be a ‘feel good’ session?

“The AIDS epidemic is continuing largely unabated because the root issue – sin- is not being dealt with.  Too many want to simply toss money at the problem trying to put a band aid on it and are creating the situation we have now with a disproportionate dollar amount being spent on AIDS research.  If we don’t stop approaching the problem in a politically correct manner, the AIDS epidemic will continue,” Gramley concluded.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  November 20, 2007

CONTACT:  Diane Gramley   1.1814.437.5355 or 1.814.271.9078


No, Mayor Street, Same-Sex Marriage is Not Legal In Pennsylvania


(Philadelphia) – Outgoing Mayor John Street’s decision to perform a same-sex commitment ceremony on Saturday at City Hall offers a further explanation in the course Philadelphia has taken in the past several years.  Today the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide group which supports Pennsylvania’s one man, one woman marriage law and the effort to pass a Marriage Protection Amendment to the PA Constitution, faxed the mayor a letter of concern outlining the wrong messages that will be sent by his involvement in Saturday’s activities. 


“Mayor Street has drifted off course during his political career. Once a strong advocate for traditional values, he can no longer be trusted to uphold those values that are supposedly part of his belief system,” said Diane Gramley, President of the AFA of PA.


Mayor Street is a practicing Seventh Day Adventist.  Their beliefs include, “Marriage was divinely established in Eden and affirmed by Jesus Christ to be both monogamous and heterosexual, a lifelong union of loving companionship between a man and a woman.  . . . . To this biblical view of marriage the Seventh-day Adventist Church adheres without reservation, believing that any lowering of this high view is to that extent a lowering of the heavenly ideal.”     


Some of the wrong messages outlined in the fax to Mayor Street include:


q     Marriage in the eyes of the children of Philadelphia and beyond will be redefined on that day (Saturday).  In their eyes marriage will no longer be just between a man and a woman.

q     Homosexual activists will be given a green light to challenge Pennsylvania’s Defense of Marriage Act.  This is a political statement to them.

q     What Scripture says and a church’s beliefs are don’t matter.

q     Traditional marriage is not worth defending.


Under Mayor Street’s watch the City of Philadelphia has become even more ‘gay-friendly.’ 


q     Defended Philadelphia’s domestic partner registry

q     Formed a mayor’s commission on sexual minorities

q     After election to his second term, held a Gay and Lesbian Inaugural Ball to raise funds for a homosexual center.

q     Supported the ‘Get Your History Straight and Your Night Life Gay’ tourism campaign

q     Street spoke at the unveiling of a gay historical marker across from Independence Hall.

q     An official acting on Mayor Street's behalf presented a proclamation to ‘Team Philadelphia,’ a group of homosexual athletes competing in the 2006 ‘Gay Games’ in Chicago.

q     Mayor Street signed a smoking ban, but ignored the greater threat to his City – the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle and all the health risks involved – including HIV/AIDS which is much more dangerous than smoking.

q     But Mayor Street’s legacy will be the City reneging on a 1928 agreement with the Boy Scouts to permit them ‘in perpetuity’ to use a half acre piece of property in downtown Philadelphia.   Because of the Scout’s ban on homosexual leaders, the Scouts must now pay $200,000 annual rent or by May 31st vacate the headquarters they built in 1929.


“The Mayor has officiated over less than ten marriages during his two terms as mayor.  Even though he is insisting the ceremony is not marriage, homosexual activists are viewing it as a political statement and a giant step forward in their quest for so-called ‘marriage equality.’  Their ultimate goal is the legalization of same-sex marriage and Mayor Street’s decision helped in that effort,” Gramley commented further.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  November 19, 2007

CONTACT:  Diane Gramley   1.814.437.5355 or 1.814.271.9078


FBI Hate Crimes Statistics Released – Race Still Leads With Sexual Orientation a Distant Third; PA Hate Crimes Down


(Harrisburg) --  FBI hate crimes statistics released again show that it is much more dangerous to be an African-American or religious than it is to be homosexual, the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) noted today.  Additionally hate crime incidences in Pennsylvania are down from 115 in 2005 to 97 in 2006. 


The newly released FBI stats show that nationally 7,722 hate crimes incidences occurred in 2006 compared to 7,163 in 2005,  an 8 percent overall increase.  Of these all but two were single-bias incidences in which “51.8 percent were motivated by a racial bias, 18.9 percent were motivated by a religious bias, 15.5 percent were triggered by a sexual-orientation bias.”  The numbers more specifically for the top three categories were 4,000 bias motivated incidences dealing with race (of those 2,640 were anti-black), 1,462 dealing with anti-religious bias and 1,196 based on sexual orientation.  


“These statistics show 97 hate crime incidences in Pennsylvania in 2006 that is down from 115 in 2005.  Proof that we do not need to pass a hate crimes law to replace the one just declared unconstitutional last Thursday.  There are already laws on the books to deal with murder, assault and property damage.  Passing any hate crimes law gives special protection to certain classes of people, thus creating unequal protection under the law,” commented Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.   


Intimidation again led the total number of offenses at 2,508 out of a grand total of 9,080.  Putting this whole picture into perspective, an estimated 1,417,745 violent crimes occurred nationwide in 2006. 


“Throwing all these numbers out for the American people to consume each year, highlights the fact that hate crimes amount to a very small number of overall crimes committed in the United States.  The AFA of PA abhors attacks against anyone, but attempts to change laws to give certain groups special protections distracts from the overall goal of law enforcement.  Enforce the existing laws, hate crime laws are not necessary and new laws are even less necessary,” further commented Gramley.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 15, 2007

CONTACT:     Diane Gramley  1.814.437.5355 or 1.814.271.9078


PA Hate Crimes Law Declared Unconstitutional!


(Harrisburg) – Today the Commonwealth Court handed down a decision declaring Pennsylvania’s hate crimes law unconstitutional.  Since its passage and subsequent signing into law by then-Governor Mark Schweiker, many had claimed that the bill – H.B. 1493 -- had been passed in an unconstitutional manner.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide pro-family group, expressed relief about today’s court decision.


“The AFA of PA and others have argued since November 2002 that gutting an agricultural vandalism bill dealing with eggs, milk and fruit trees and making it into a hate crimes bill was not simply wrong but also violated Pennsylvania’s Constitution.  Today the Commonwealth Court agreed with us,” commented Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.


In June of 2003 Gramley and Fran Bevan, president of Pennsylvania Eagle Forum, were plaintiffs in a similar lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of H.B. 1493.  Each was involved in the lawsuit as individuals and not in their official capacities nor representing their respective organizations.  In July 2005 that lawsuit was dismissed saying that neither Gramley nor Bevan had legal standing in the case.  Only Judge Pellegrini dissented in that decision saying that as citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania both had standing.  


Since the initial lawsuit challenging the law’s constitutionality, eleven Christians were arrested in Philadelphia in October 2004 and charged with a hate crime.  Seven of these individuals were plaintiffs in the refiled challenge – surely their standing would not be in question!


“All citizens who take our PA Constitution seriously should be grateful for today’s decision.  Legislators must follow the rules when creating new laws in Pennsylvania and not gut bills to create something that was never intended by the original authors of the bill,” further commented Gramley.


Only newly retained President Judge Bonnie Leadbetter dissented in today’s decision.


From today’s court decision:


“ . . . we agree with Petitioners that HB 1493 did not retain its original purpose as it moved through the enactment process.” (page 8)


 “Therefore, we conclude HB 1493 was altered to change its original purpose and Petitioners are entitled to summary relief on this basis.”  (page 9)




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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  November 9, 2007

CONTACT:  Diane Gramley   1.814.437.5355 or 1.814.271.9078


Philadelphia Boy Scouts Face a Greater Danger with New Mayor Elect, Pro-Family Group Says


(Philadelphia) – With the election of Michael Nutter to the office of mayor of Philadelphia the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council will be in greater danger now than they are currently under Mayor John Street.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide traditional values group, expressed great concern for the Scouts today and in a faxed statement to current Mayor John Street asked him to take any steps necessary before he leaves office to stop the eviction of the Scouts and the demand for $200,000 per year in rent. 


“In our letter to Mayor Street we asked if he wanted his legacy as Philadelphia mayor to be that he allowed the City to renege on an 80-year agreement and kick out the Boy Scouts.  This year has seen 348 homicides in the City of Brotherly Love, the vast majority are poor African-Americans.  Why is the City picking on the Scouts which is helping keep kids off the streets --  75% of those they serve are African-American most of whom live in the inner city,” commented Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.


Mayor-elect Michael Nutter served on the Philadelphia City Council from 1992 until June 27, 2006 when he resigned to run for mayor. 


During his time on the City Council, Mr. Nutter: 


q     Drafted a domestic partner bill in 1997

q     In 2002 co-sponsored a bill that amended the city’s Fair Practices ordinance to include transgenders

q     In 2005 supported the first openly homosexual candidate for the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia, even though she was not the official Democratic candidate

q     As City Council member he supported the City’s efforts to evict the Scouts or demand rent.  Even during the final debate one day before elections, Michael Nutter said that he fully supported the city’s actions in demanding $200,000 in annual rent from the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council. 


“Mayor-elect Nutter has indicated that he wants homosexual ‘community’ centers to be partially funded by municipal funds.  Will some of the Boy Scout rental money go towards groups targeting youth who identity as homosexual, bisexual or trangender as some have indicated they want?  The Cradle of Liberty Scout Council issue goes well beyond the city limits of Philadelphia as was indicated by the approximately 134,000 e-mails Mayor Street’s office received shortly after the announcement that the Boy Scouts would be charged $200,000 per year in rent.  This indicates how deeply people feel about this outrageous attack on the Scouts,” Gramley further commented. 


The AFA of PA believes Michael Nutter needs to look beyond an increased police presence in certain areas of the city, closing down streets, limiting travel in some areas,  and ‘stop and frisk’ to help decrease the record number of homicides,  He needs to fully support the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council and help them as they help young boys who might otherwise be on the streets -- 75% of which are African American boys in the inner city.  


The $200,000 in rent will either prohibit the formation of 30 new Cub Scout packs or 800 needy kids from going to summer camp. 


“Mr. Nutter has to decide whether he wants to support the radical homosexuals in his city or the vast majority of his new constituency who does support the Boy Scouts.  According to an April 13, 2007 Philadelphia Gay News article only about 5% of the population in the city is made up of homosexuals and bisexuals,” noted Gramley.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  November 8, 2007

CONTACT:  Diane Gramley   1.814.437.5355 or 1.814.271.9078


Only Four Pennsylvania Congressmen Vote to Protect Pennsylvania Businesses


(Harrisburg) – Wednesday evening brought an outright attack against businesses around the nation – especially small businesses – but only four Pennsylvania Congressmen took a stand to protect those businesses.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide traditional values group, commends the efforts of Congressmen Tim Murphy, John Peterson, Joe Pitts and Bill Shuster in their vote against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) which adds ‘actual or perceived sexual orientation’ to federal hiring laws and will affect all businesses with fifteen or more employees.


H.R. 3685 is yet another effort to force Americans to view homosexuality and bisexuality as normal.  Even though the words ‘gender identity’ are not in the bill, under the term “perceived,” in Section 4 transgenders, etc., can still claim protection.  What about the other sexual orientations – bestiality, pedophilia and all the others?   This will create a litigation nightmare,” Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA said.


Senator Ted Kennedy has said he will introduce this anti-business bill in the Senate.  On October 23rd the White House issued a Statement of Administrative Policy stating that President Bush’s senior advisors would recommend he veto ENDA.  The policy statement raised several constitutional concerns.  


“It’s a sad day in Pennsylvania history when only four of our nineteen Congressmen have enough courage to stand against a well-funded effort to normalize a lifestyle that has claimed the lives of 300,000 men in the United States since 1981.  According to the CDC 71% of all HIV infections among male adults and adolescents in 2005 were men who have sex with men.   Where is the courage of the others put into office by their constituency?  How will their local business owners and religious communities respond to this attack by their elected officials in Washington, D.C.?”  questioned Gramley.    


Congress should be working to encourage and help businesses, not set up stumbling blocks to harm them.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  October 12, 2007

CONTACT:  Diane Gramley   1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355


Two State Representatives Stand for Marriage in Their ‘No’ Vote on Domestic Partner Benefits in Contract


(Harrisburg) – Yesterday’s vote to approve the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) faculty contract was another attack on marriage, the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide pro-family group, said today.   The group commends the two members of the Board of Governors who had enough courage to do the right thing and vote against the addition of these benefits to the same-sex partners of homosexual faculty members.


“Representatives Matt Baker and Mike Hanna’s vote represents an effort to protect marriage and its unique role in our society.  The other elected officials – Governor Ed Rendell, Senator Vincent Hughes, and Senator James Rhoades are wrong and have voted to undermine marriage,” AFA of PA president, Diane Gramley noted.


Additionally, taxpayers will be asked to help fund this attack on marriage through state appropriations for the PASSHE.  A request for a 5 percent boost in next year’s  appropriations has already been made.  If that increase is approved next year's tuition increase will be held to 2.1 percent.  


In July the AFA of PA provided information to each member of the Board of Governors about the negative impact of extending domestic partner benefits to same-sex couples.  Included in this information was ‘The Hidden Cost of Domestic Partner Benefits.”  which states that one California company paid 17.1 percent more for same-sex couples than for opposite sex couples. 


“Engaging in homosexual acts is very dangerous – even more dangerous than smoking as smoking only shortens a man’s life by around 13 years, while homosexual sex can shorten a man’s life by up to 20 years.  Additional studies show increases in substance abuse, domestic violence, eating and psychological disorders.  Those members of the Board of Governors who voted in favor of adding domestic partner benefits are unfairly asking all Pennsylvania residents to foot the bill for the increased costs of providing health care to those who engage in a dangerous lifestyle who also happen to work for the 14 schools that make up the State System of Higher Education,” Gramley stated further.



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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  October 10, 2007

CONTACT:  Diane Gramley  1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355


As National Coming Out Day Approaches, Schools Need to be Aware of the Legal Liability of Promoting Homosexual Lifestyle


(Harrisburg) – Recently the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) sent information to all the school districts in Allegheny County outlining the dangers of promoting the homosexual lifestyle to their students.  The AFA of PA correspondence included “The Legal Liability Associated with Homosexuality Education in Public Schools.” 


“Increasingly organizations such as the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) are promoting the homosexual lifestyle in our schools.   We know that there is an upcoming concerted effort in Allegheny County to get students to approach school boards about allowing Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs).  McKeesport was approached the end of September. The school directors need to be warned about the potential legal liability their school may face in promoting this destructive lifestyle to the students parents place in their care.  Promoting a ‘smoking club’ would be safer than promoting a ‘homosexual club,” noted Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.


Tomorrow is what homosexual activists have dubbed “National Coming Out Day.”  That day was chosen to commemorate the day homosexuals descended on Washington, D.C. with their demands in 1987.  The demands included a homosexual civil rights law, repeal of all sodomy laws, and the legal recognition of homosexual relationships.  Many times GSAs  will participate in this day as part of GLSEN activities for the year. 


The letter to Allegheny County administrators included the following information:


1.)    GLSEN's recommended literature implies the early sexualization of children can be beneficial. This means that virtually any consensual sexual activity, as well as exposure to graphic sexual images and material, is permissible as part of the process of discovering one's sexuality.

2.)    "Coming out" (calling oneself homosexual) and beginning homosexual sex practices at a young age, is a normal and positive experience for youth which should be encouraged by teachers and parents, according to GLSEN.

3.)    Bisexuality, "fluid" sexuality and sexual experimentation is encouraged by GLSEN as a right for all students.

4.)    Meeting other "gay" and "questioning" youth, sometimes without parental knowledge, is a frequent theme in GLSEN materials. At these meetings, minors will come into contact with college-age people and adults practicing homosexuality.

5.)    In GLSEN material, the "cool" adults--parents, teachers and counselors--are those who encourage students to embrace homosexuality and cross-dressing. These "cool" adults also permit adult-level freedoms and let children associate with questionable teens or adults.


“Parents and taxpayers need to be aware if their school district is considering a GSA.  This can have potential long term affects on students and their view of sexuality.   Students are sent to school to learn academics, not be indoctrinated with information that promotes a lifestyle that can shorten their lives by up to 20 years and lead to increased risks of substance abuse, domestic violence, eating and psychological disorders,”  said Gramley.


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Chair of Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission Blasted for Signing Letter Allowing Men to Use Women’s Restrooms and Showers


(Harrisburg) – Today the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide traditional values group blasted Stephen Glassman, chairman of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, for his signature on an October 2nd letter warning the Human Rights Campaign they’d better ‘toe the line’ and get back on board and demand ‘gender identity’ be placed back on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act or ENDA.


Stephen Glassman’s signature on this letter signifies that he is perfectly happy with the idea that men who think they are women be permitted to use the women’s restroom, locker room and shower facilities in a workplace situation because that is exactly what the original ENDA required employers to allow.  He is signing this letter in his official capacity as chairman of the PA Human Relations Commission.  Once again he is using his position as a bully pulpit to push the homosexual agenda. The AFA of PA will ask Governor Rendell’s office to investigate,” Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA stated.


Since Stephen Glassman has been the chairman of the PA Human Relations Commission (he was appointed by Governor Ed Rendell in June 2003), he has consistently pushed for municipalities to add ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ to their ordinances dealing with employment, housing and public accommodation.  He is scheduled to testify in Erie today in support of HB 1400 which would add that language to the PA Human Relations Act.  


“Stephen Glassman seems not to realize that the majority of Pennsylvanians do not want men who think they are women to be permitted to use women’s restrooms and shower facilities.  Additionally, he seems not to realize that the majority of employers do not want to be forced to hire homosexuals, bisexuals and transgendered individuals.  HB 1400 would force ALL PA employers with four or more employees to do just that.  Further proof that he is out of touch and not representing Pennsylvania and should not be permitted to sign onto such a letter in his official capacity,” further stated Gramley.


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Will Equality Forum’s Gay Icons Include Producer of Jim in Bold, Traditional Values Group Asks

(Harrisburg) – October has been designated ‘Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual History Month’ since 1994.   This month was chosen because ‘National Coming Out Day’ is on October 11th.   In recent years Philadelphia-based Equality Forum has become more involved in promoting LGBT History Month.  Today the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide traditional values group, inquired as to whether they would choose Michael Glatze as a ‘gay icon’ for LGBT History Month 2008. 

Mr. Glatz was the producer of Equality Forum's documentary “Jim in Bold.” Earlier this year Michael Glatze announced he has left the homosexual lifestyle after identifying as homosexual for 16 years.  In a July 3, 2007 article Glatz wrote, “Homosexuality, delivered to young minds, is by its very nature pornographic. It destroys impressionable minds and confuses their developing sexuality; I did not realize this, however, until I was 30 years old.” 

“Will Equality Forum be honest about its former documentary producer and the recipient of their National Role Model Award . . .  will they let people know that homosexuality is not inborn and there are thousands of former homosexuals like Michael Glatze?” questioned Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

Michael Glatze was also the editor of Young Gay America Magazine.  Recently another prominent ‘gay’ magazine publisher also renounced her former lifestyle. Lesbian activist Charlene Cothran, longtime publisher of Venus magazine, became a Christian and gave her magazine a new mission "to encourage, educate and assist those who desire to leave a life of homosexuality." She adds: "Our ultimate mission is to win souls for Christ, and to do so by showing love to all God's people."

As Michael Glatz left Young Gay America Magazine for the last time, he wrote on his office computer screen his thoughts, ending with the declaration: "Homosexuality is death, and I choose life."

“As Equality Forum touts their ‘gay icons’ will they willingly acknowledge ex-gay icons?” further questioned Gramley.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  September 28, 2007
CONTACT:  Diane Gramley  1.814.437.5355 or 1.814.271.9078

Statewide Traditional Values Group Says General Pace is Right – Senator Harkin is Wrong on Homosexuals and Adulterers in the Military

(Harrisburg) – General Peter Pace, outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has again caused a firestorm by his reiteration that homosexual acts are immoral.  Today the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide traditional values group, commended the General for his stand on the issues of homosexual acts and adultery.   

“General Pace is willing to stand by the military that he has served so well throughout his adult life and uphold its policies, even when attacked by the politically correct.  This takes a lot of courage – especially in today’s cultural climate,” Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA noted in an e-mail message sent to the General.

As soon as General Pace made his comments during the Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on Wednesday, there were cries of “bigot’ from anti-war demonstrators sitting behind him.  Apparently pandemonium ensued and Committee Chairman Senator Robert Byrd temporarily adjourned the meeting and had the room cleared of all spectators. 

“One must wonder whether General Pace may have been set up since the hearing had nothing to do with his March comments, but about the Pentagon’s 2008 war spending request.  Did Senator Harkin set the General up?  The Senator is definitely off-base when he says the military needs to change the U.S. Military Code of Justice policies on homosexual activity and adultery.  Rules and discipline are the keys to success for military,” further commented Gramley.

This attack on a highly decorated military general is the second in recent days as the New York Times felt ‘compelled’ to print an ad by that accused  the Commander in Iraq General David Petraeus of betraying the country.  The “General Petraeus or General Betray Us” ad was printed the day before General Petraeus delivered his report to Congress, warning against full withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

With the anti-military attitude of many, one must wonder if our nation was faced with a situation like we found ourselves in December 1941 whether we would be up to the task.     Are we?

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  September 27, 2007
CONTACT:  Diane Gramley  1.814.437.5355 or 1.814.271.9078

Senator Casey Again Shows How Anti-Family He Really Is, Traditional Values Group Says

(Harrisburg) – Passage of the Kennedy Hate Crimes Amendment to the Defense Authorization Act with the full support of Senator Bob Casey, Jr. again shows Senator Casey is in ‘payback mode, the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide traditional values group said today.   Homosexual groups such as the Human Rights Campaign helped fund his campaign for U.S. Senate and are pushing for passage of this bill which adds ‘actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity’ to the hate crimes law.

“Twice in a three-week time period Senator Bob Casey, Jr. has proven he is really anti-family and anti-life – his vote on September 6th  not renew the Mexico City Policy banning taxpayer dollars from being used to fund overseas abortions and today’s support of the hate crimes amendment,” noted Diane Gramley, President of the AFA of PA.

Senator John McCain was right when he said the hate crimes amendment has no place on a Department of Defense bill.  Senator Kennedy’s actions and words show that he is trying to equate those who do not accept the homosexual lifestyle to domestic terrorists. 

Several reasons why this is a bad bill:

q     There is no need for this bill.  As outlined in the FBI 2005 Hate Crimes Statistics the hate crimes against homosexuals have gradually declined between 2003 to 2005 – from 16.6 % in 2003 to 14.2% in 2005.  Putting this into perspective one must note that involves a total of 7,163 criminal incidents based on bias in 2005 and 7,489 bias-motivated incidents in 2003.  The FBI defines these crimes as toward a particular race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity/national origin, or physical or mental disability.

Again, as in the past, intimidation makes up the larger portion of hate crimes – accounting for 48.9%.  This is a continuing decrease from 49.7% in 2003.

q     In Pennsylvania reported hate-crime incidents fell from 151 in 2005 to 129 in 2006. 

q     Since 2000, Philadelphia police have reported a total of 21 hate crimes against gay men — an average of three a year. During the same period, Philadelphia police reported seven hate crimes against lesbians — an average of one a year.

q     Passage of such laws creates unequal protection – i.e. the attacker of an adult male homosexual will receive a harsher punishment than the attacker of a seven-year-old girl.

q     Federalizes each and every State and local crime

q     Requires criminal investigations to probe if a crime occurred “because of” bias towards a protected group, and opens the door to criminal investigations of a suspect’s philosophical beliefs, politics, biases, religion, activities, and past statements.

q     Violent attacks upon people or property are already illegal, regardless of the motive behind them.  With ‘hate crimes’ laws, however, people are essentially given one penalty for the actions they engaged in, and an additional penalty for the politically incorrect thoughts that allegedly motivated those actions.

“Any hate crimes legislation is a bad idea – America offers equal protection, not special protection under the law.  Senator Casey’s support of special protections to homosexuals sways from the teachings of the Catholic Church.  He must now decide how much further he will sway from the teachings of his purported faith,”  Gramley further stated.   

The Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican, the formal letter to bishops below was signed by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI:

Including "homosexual orientation" among the considerations on the basis of which it is illegal to discriminate can easily lead to regarding homosexuality as a positive source of human rights, for example, in respect to so-called affirmative action or preferential treatment in hiring practices. This is all the more deleterious since there is no right to homosexuality (cf. No. 10) which therefore should not form the basis for judicial claims. The passage from the recognition of homosexuality as a factor on which basis it is illegal to discriminate can easily lead, if not automatically, to the legislative protection and promotion of homosexuality.


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President Bush Avoids a Fight for AG Nominee- But Was it the Right Choice?

(Harrisburg)  -- On September 10 the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) joined 50 other pro-family and anti-pornography groups in asking President Bush to nominate a new US Attorney General who would make fighting obscenity and upholding the federal obscenity laws a top priority.   Time will tell as to whether he has made the right choice.

“President Bush’s choice of retired Judge Michael Mukasey shows the President’s heart is very much in protecting the United States from terrorism.  Judge Mukasey has presided over some of the most complicated terrorist trials in America.  But terrorism comes in many forms,” noted Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

The September 10th letter said in part, “We urge you to begin by nominating a new U.S. Attorney General who fully understands the importance of enforcing federal obscenity laws and who is willing to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the Justice Department fulfills its responsibility to enforce federal obscenity laws.” 

Attorneys General Ashcroft and Gonzalez had good intentions when each stated that enforcement of obscenity laws is a Justice Department “priority.”    They each appointed capable individuals to address the criminal obscenity problem, but failed to fully back the enforcement efforts when resistance arose.

The letter further stated, “By our count, however, there have been fewer than 20 obscenity prosecutions against commercial distributors of “adult” pornography since January 2001.   That means the 94 U.S. Attorneys have initiated between two and three obscenity prosecutions per year during your presidency.  That is hardly a refection of a ‘priority.’ ”    

In the 1973 Paris Adult Theatre I v. Slaton case, the Supreme Court said that there are “legitimate governmental interests at stake in stemming the tide of obscene materials, even assuming it is feasible to enforce effective safeguards against exposure to juveniles.”  

We have been fortunate in Pennsylvania to have U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan who has aggressively pursued illegal pornography.   But in too many cases the problem lies at the doorsteps of those U.S. Attorneys who lack the moral “backbone” to enforce obscenity laws, or who fail to comprehend that obscenity is not a “victimless crime,” or who think enforcement of obscenity laws may hinder their careers. 

“The next U.S. Attorney General needs to send the message that terrorism includes men and women caught in pornography and sex addictions who seek out children to fulfill the fantasies that are fueled by the pornography they consume.  Terrorism also includes those who kidnap American women and children each year to force them into sex trafficking.  Terrorism comes in many forms and we look forward to seeing how President Bush’s nominee Michael  Mukasey addresses this form of terrorism,” Gramley said.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  September 14, 2007
CONTACT:  Diane Gramley  1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355

As Attacks on Marriage Continue Around the Nation, PA Legislators Must Act

(Harrisburg) --  Today a statewide traditional values group contacted the 203  members of Pennsylvania State House and the 50 members of the State Senate encouraging them to act quickly to preserve one man, one woman marriage.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) e-mailed a marriage update to the legislators reminding them of the attacks on marriage around the nation and the state.  The AFA of PA additionally encouraged them to take the necessary action to give the voters of Pennsylvania the opportunity to vote on a Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA).

“As was evidenced in the Iowa case just two weeks ago a state’s Defense of Marriage Act is not sufficient to protect marriage from the actions of tyrannical judges.    The legislative body must move quickly to place an MPA before the people,” Diane Gramley president of the AFA of PA stated.

In Pennsylvania

q    Senator Vince Fumo is considering sponsorship of a bill to extend domestic partner benefits to same-sex couples.  Legislatively extending benefits to same-sex couples that have historically been reserved for those legally married will cheapen marriage.  Ownership of property, inheritance and hospital visitation can all be dealt with by a visit to an attorney’s office.

q    Last week a Drexel Hill lesbian who had left her job to follow her partner to Florida sued for unemployment compensation in Commonwealth Court. These benefits are not extended to unmarried persons – period. 

Additional information provided the legislators included:

  • On September 12 a judge in Albany, NY said New York State should recognize the marriages of same-sex couples whose ceremonies were performed out of state.  This decision noted that state employees who entered into same-sex marriages out of state should be treated as married for the purposes of collecting benefits under the New York State Retirement System.  Additionally, Governor Eliot Spitzer is in favor of same-sex marriage. 

q    On August 30Judge Overturns Iowa Ban on Same-Sex Marriages - New York Times Polk County, Iowa Judge Robert Hanson concluded that the state’s prohibition on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. The Polk County recorder was to begin issuing marriage licenses to six gay couples who had filed a lawsuit.  The judge ruled that Iowa’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) violated the constitutional rights of due process and equal protection.  The following day after two college-age homosexual men married, Judge Hanson verbally stayed the order.

q    New Jersey’s civil union law has created the potential of forcing religious organizations to allow homosexuals to use their facilities for their ‘marriage’ ceremonies.   Additionally when the law went into effect in February it immediately recognized civil unions performed in Vermont and Connecticut and same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts and Canada.

q    Maryland’s marriage law is still under threat and is awaiting a judicial decision.

“The threat to marriage is very real and must be addressed to preserve the bedrock of our society.  Each attempt to weaken marriage laws through judicial fiat further proves the need for a Marriage Protection Amendment.  The majority of Pennsylvanians know that marriage is between one man and one woman and want the opportunity to make that statement at the voting booth in November 2009, the earliest date it can be placed on the ballot. The legislative body must move quickly as marriage is under attack on all sides,” concluded Gramley.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  September 13, 2007
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We Have Come to Expect This From Senator Specter . . . But Senator Casey is Supposed to be Pro-Life, However He Can’t Seem to Make Up His Mind!

(Harrisburg) --  Last year he ran as a pro-life candidate . . . on September 6, 2007 he clearly proved otherwise.  With his ‘Yea’ vote on Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) Amendment 2719, Senator Bob Casey, Jr. voted to spend our tax dollars on funding overseas abortions by not only overturning the Mexico City Policy but increasing those dollars.  Additionally, according to a National Review article twenty minutes later he voted in support of Senator Sam Brownback’s amendment to preserve the Mexico City Policy.  Only to return to the Senate on Monday to say he made a mistake and really meant to vote ‘Nay’ on Senator Brownback’s amendment and wanted to change his official vote!   The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide pro-life organization, has sent him an e-mail asking for an explanation of his strange voting habits on the abortion issue last Thursday.  

“Senator Bob Casey, Jr. has recently shown some confusion on his stand on the abortion issue.  But apparently he does not have the pro-life convictions that his father did.  Bob Casey, Sr. paid for those convictions, but apparently his son does not have the backbone to stand up to pressure from the Democratic leadership,” remarked Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

President Bush has promised to veto HR 2764 if it nullifies his abortion policy.  The Mexico City Policy was first instituted by President Ronald Reagan and continued by the first President Bush.  President Bill Clinton rescinded the policy during his years in office.  The current President Bush reinstituted it on his first day in office in 2001.  The policy protects taxpayers from funding international abortions.

Senator Casey has said he wants to reduce the number of abortions, what better way to reduce abortions than to take the money from organizations which perform and refer them? 

Catholic teaching is very clear on the issue of abortion and those who support it.   Article 5 of the Catechism says in part, “Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person - among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.  Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable. Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law:  You shall not kill the embryo by abortion and shall not cause the newborn to perish.

God, the Lord of life, has entrusted to men the noble mission of safeguarding life, and men must carry it out in a manner worthy of themselves. Life must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of conception: abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes.   Formal cooperation in an abortion constitutes a grave offense. The Church attaches the canonical penalty of excommunication to this crime against human life.”

“The voters knew of Senator Casey’s support of the morning after pill and embryonic stem cell research, but they were led to believe he opposed abortion.   In the e-mail sent to Senator Casey, we said we were dumbfounded by his support of the Boxer Amendment.  We are anxiously awaiting his explanation.  Clearly he cannot adhere to Catholic teaching and support funding abortion in any way,” Gramley further stated.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  September 7, 2007
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 As GOP Attempts to ‘Clean House’ Senator Specter is Wrong to Oppose, Says Pro-Family Group

(Harrisburg) – Under pressure from the Republican leadership, Saturday’s announcement by Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) of his intention to resign seemed like an end to the sordid tale that began with the revelation that he had pled guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges after being arrested for soliciting homosexual sex in a men’s bathroom at the Minneapolis- St. Paul airport on June 11.  Three days later, enter Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), the only Republican to publicly defend Senator Craig.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide pro-family group, issued a statement today saying Senator Specter should not have then and should not now continue to encourage Senator Craig to reconsider his intent to resign. 

“The Republican leadership was right in quickly responding to Senator Craig’s toe tapping in the men’s bathroom in Minneapolis.  A demand for his resignation was the  right call.  It is unimaginable that Senator Specter would join Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA), one of two openly homosexual Congressmen, and suggest Senator Craig not need to resign,” commented Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

Several issues are being lost in this debate:

q     The public health hazards of homosexual bathroom sex.  In June the CDC reported that 71% of HIV/AIDS cases are men who have sex with men. 

q     The Center for Disease Control warns that men who have sex with men "have large numbers of anonymous partners, which can result in rapid, extensive transmission of sexually transmitted diseases."

q     Many homosexuals and their organizations promote public homosexual sex.  One example is Lambda Legal, a homosexual legal group, and their ‘Little Black Book’ which gives instructions on safe cruising. 

q      Being involved in the homosexual lifestyle should be a disqualification for any 
Republican candidate.  (In 1860 no credible Republican owned slaves.)  
Additionally, a plank in the GOP Platform is ‘Promoting a Culture of Life.’ 
Support of the homosexual lifestyle, which shortens the lives of the male participants 
by up to 20 years, leads to increased exposure to STDs and HIV/AIDS, cancers, 
domestic violence, substance abuse and eating and psychological disorders, is not 
promoting life.   

“Senator Specter needs to stop interfering and allow Senator Craig to do what is best for Idaho and the Senate.  The Senator from Idaho needs to step down immediately and homosexual activist groups should step forward and denounce this activity which is so prevalent to those involved in their lifestyle,” further commented Gramley.


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Finally Superior Court Gets it Right – Viewing Child Porn is Illegal in Pennsylvania!

(Harrisburg) – Last week’s decision by the full Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed the bad November decision by a three-judge panel.  Under that decision one could legally view child porn on the Internet as long as the images were not intentionally saved on the computer.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) commends this most recent decision which will have a positive impact on children in the Commonwealth. 

“Child pornography victimizes children and fuels the minds of potential child molesters, it still boggles the mind that three judges here in Pennsylvania could rule that simply because someone did not know the images were being automatically stored on a computer he would be free of any wrongdoing even while intentionally seeking and viewing child porn,” commented Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA. 

The November decision prompted the Pennsylvania State House to pass H.B. 35 on April 17 by a vote of 195 to 0.  This bill clearly states that intentionally viewing child pornography in any form is illegal.  It currently sits in the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

Special note should be taken:

q     Child pornography has become a $3 billion annual business. 

q     Since 1988 child pornography images on the Internet have increased 1500%.

q     The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children revealed, in a June 2005 study, that 40% of arrested child pornography possessors had both sexually victimized children and were in possession of child pornography. 

q     More than 20,000 images of child pornography are posted on the Internet every week.

q     The typical age of children is between six and 12, but the profile is getting younger – more babies and toddlers are being victimized.

“Every possible step must be taken to protect our children from harm and an important step was recognizing that knowingly viewing child porn is not only wrong but illegal.  If the three-judge panel decision had been upheld, our children would have not only been the losers but the victims.  Technology may change, but the protection of our children must be of utmost concern for all,” Gramley further commented.

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Philadelphia School District Makes the Right Decision and Erases Gay History Month From Calendar

(Philadelphia) – Today in a faxed message to Thomas Brady, the Philadelphia School District’s interim CEO, the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide organization advocating for safe schools, said, “THANK YOU!  For not including ‘Gay and Lesbian History Month’ in the official school calendar for the Philadelphia School District.  Unfortunately, the decision will be at the expense of not recognizing other truly ethnic groups such as ‘Black History Month,’ but for the well-being of the children in your district such a sacrifice is justified.” 

“Because of homosexual activists and their allies groups such as African Americans, Hispanics and Asian Pacific Americans will also not be recognized in a special history month.  But don’t such distinctions create a climate of segregation?  Aren’t we all simply Americans?” asked Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA. 

Reportedly last year’s “Gay and Lesbian History Month” included required reading assignments such as Am I Blue, a book with short stories about teenagers who come out as homosexual.  Mr. Brady has indicated he will not support such ‘GLBT study programs.’  In the faxed thank you to Mr. Brady, the AFA of PA said, “The promotion of the homosexual lifestyle through such studies does not provide a safe environment, but instead gives the message that this very dangerous lifestyle is okay.  The CDC reports that 71% of HIV/AIDS cases are men who have sex with men.  The February 2007 issue of the International Journal of STD & AIDS, has found that ‘HIV-positive men who have sex with men are up to 90 times more likely than the general population to develop anal cancer.’ There is an epidemic of syphilis and gonorrhea among the homosexual population.  Studies also show increased substance abuse and domestic violence, uterine and breast cancers for lesbians, eating and psychological disorders.  Truly not a safe lifestyle for anyone concerned with children to be promoting.” 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, African-Americans account for half of all new cases of HIV.  Overall, blacks are seven times more likely to die from AIDS than other at-risk groups.  In light of the fact that about 65% of the Philadelphia School District is African-American, the promotion of this lifestyle should be of major concern to that community.  Commendably it was, as during last year’s meetings it was largely the African-American voice that was raised. 

“The approximately 200,000 students that are a part of the Philadelphia School District will not be given the false message that homosexuals played a significant role in American or world history.  Some, like Abraham Lincoln, have been falsely accused of being homosexual.  Let’s face it, those who identify as homosexual only make up between 1% and 3% of the population.  Again, the AFA of PA thanks Mr. Brady for taking this courageous step to protect his students from the dangerous message that ‘gay is okay,” further commented Gramley.


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28 Percent of PA Voters Less Likely to Support ‘Gay Rights’ Candidate

(Harrisburg) – Tonight six Democratic presidential hopefuls are taking part in a debate sponsored by homosexual groups such as the Human Rights Campaign.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide traditional values group, noted that yesterday’s release of a Quinnipiac University poll shows that participation in tonight’s debate may actually harm a presidential candidate’s chance of winning in Pennsylvania in November 2008.  All Democratic candidates except Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) and Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) will participate; additionally no Republican candidate will take part.

“Tonight’s so-called debate is absurd!  The candidates will only deal with one issue – so-called homosexual rights.  What about stem cell research, obscenity, abortion, Iraq?  What is the real purpose of the debate – homosexual money for their campaign coffers?  Apparently the participants are willing to spend their time catering to less than 4% of the American population, what about the other 96% of the country” commented Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

As Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute said, “Being perceived as the candidate of gay rights turns off more voters than it attracts.”

Yesterday’s Quinnipiac University poll of 1,011 Pennsylvania voters showed that 28% would vote against a candidate that was endorsed by a homosexual rights group while 11% responded that such an endorsement would make them more likely to vote for the candidate.

The poll also showed that 53% of Pennsylvanians view homosexual behavior as morally wrong compared to 34% which view such behavior as morally acceptable.

“If the Democratic presidential candidates are trying to make an impression on Pennsylvania voters by participating in this single-issue debate, they are wasting their time.  Whether the Democrats and homosexual activists want to admit it or not the majority of Americans still hold traditional values and view homosexuality as wrong,” concluded Gramley.


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                      Knoebels Amusement Resort 800-487-4386

Family-Friendly Park Will Not be Family-Friendly This Weekend

(Harrisburg) – Knoebels Amusement Resort or better known locally as Knoebels Grove, thought of by most to be a family-friendly park, will not be so on August 11th when it will be the site of a ‘Pride Picnic.’  This revelation is very troubling and should cause families to pause and possibly make a change of plans for this weekend, the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide pro-family organization said today. 

“What group will Knoebels Grove have at their park next year – the North American Man Boy Love Association or Playboy Bunnies?  Their family-friendly reputation is tainted when they promote the homosexual lifestyle,” remarked Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

Why should parents be placed in a situation where they have to explain to children why two men or two women are holding hands or kissing?  Why would a family-friendly amusement park want to place the moms and dads in such a situation?  Why would a family-friendly park want to promote a lifestyle which shortens the lives of the male participants by up to 20 years, sees increased exposure to cancers , STDs, syphilis, gonorrhea, substance abuse and domestic violence ?  According to the CDC, 71% of HIV/AIDS cases are men who have sex with men.  Why would Knoebels promote this lifestyle? 

Increasingly there have been problems with homosexual activity in men’s restrooms such as in Strawbridge Department store in Philadelphia and the Camp Hill Mall.  The Fort Lauderdale, Florida mayor is under fire from homosexual activists for trying to put a stop to homosexual activity in the public restrooms there. 

“Homosexuals have every right to go to an amusement park, but why make it a ‘pride’ event?  Apparently, the purpose is an attempt to normalize a very dangerous lifestyle.  Again, why should parents have to explain to their children two men kissing or be concerned about what their sons will encounter when going into the restrooms at the park?  Knoebels Grove needs to consider what group it is that supports them throughout most of the season – the traditional family with a mom and dad and kids or homosexuals,” Gramley further commented.


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Anti-Hate Group Commends President Bush for Veto Threat of Hate Crimes Amendment to Defense Bill

(Harrisburg) – On July 11th, Senator Ted Kennedy offered his hate crimes bill (S-1105) as an amendment to the Defense Reauthorization bill (HR 1585).  At that time the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) noted that this was an attempt to sneak the hate crime provision through the Senate.  The AFA of PA commends the White House for reiterating its opposition to the hate crimes bill stating that it is too broad and the President plans on vetoing the defense bill if it contains the hate crimes amendment.

“The hate crimes bill or as it is now -- Amendment 2067 to the Defense Reauthorization bill -- is a bad piece of legislation.  Among other issues is the federalization of each and every local and state crime and the use of the Commerce Clause to validate the provisions in the bill,” noted Diane Gramley, president of the statewide AFA of PA.

Recently a Pace University student was charged with a hate crime for throwing a Koran in the toilet – he has been charged with a hate crime.   This crime is not a violent crime, but apparently it would be covered under Kennedy’s bill which has the provision to aid states in investigating a crime if it is “a violation of the State, local, or Tribal hate crime laws.” 

Double jeopardy – being tried twice for the same crime – also poses a problem under this bill. Prosecution can be undertaken by the United States if “the verdict or sentence obtained pursuant to State charges left demonstratively unvindicated the Federal interest in eradicating bias-motivated violence.”

According to a November 2004 20/20 program the murder of Matthew Shepherd was not a hate crime, but a robbery attempt gone bad.  Yet, he has become the poster child of hate crime proponents.  His murderers are each serving a life sentence.  The prosecutor would have sought the death penalty, but Shepherd’s parents oppose it.  What greater punishment could have been handed down even with a hate crimes law in place?  None!

FBI statistics do not support Senator Kennedy’s claim that “crimes motivated by bias is sufficiently serious (and) widespread.”   Of the 7,160 single-bias incidences 14.2% or 1017 were motivated by sexual orientation bias. Intimidation was the highest reported “hate crime” at 48.9%.   There were six ‘hate crime murders,’ none of which were based on ‘sexual orientation bias.’  These numbers are miniscule when compared to overall crimes in the U.S.  According to the FBI, “The estimated number of violent crime offenses in 2005 was 1,390,695, an increase of 2.3 percent over the 2004 estimate. The estimated number of property crimes in 2005 was 10,166,159, a 1.5-percent decrease over the 2004 estimate.”

“We have to agree with President Bush that this bill is overly broad.  Actually, hate crimes legislation is a bad idea . . . period.  There are already laws against murder, assault and property damage; hate crime laws try to get into the mind of the perpetrator to determine their thoughts during the commission of the crime.  President Bush is right in making his veto threat,” concluded Gramley.


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Military Appreciation, Mentored Children and Gay Community Night All Rolled Into One Phillies Game

(Philadelphia) --  Thursday August 9 there will be a strange event at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia as the Phillies officially hold a Military Appreciation and Mentoring Night during the game against the Florida Marlins.  While on ‘the other end of the field’ an apparently unofficial “Gay Community Night” will be observed.  This activity is being promoted by the Gay and Lesbian Attorneys of Philadelphia.   The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) has sent a note of concern to the Phillies about the very real clash of worldviews that will exist in the park that evening.

It is very troubling when you consider what is going to take place at the game next Thursday – military personnel, veterans and their families are being urged to attend so the Phillies can show appreciation to them and those involved in mentoring programs are urged to bring a young person to the game and watch at a special discount price.  While those who are trying to infiltrate the military and reshape its image and who have already, in many cases, infiltrated the schools with the dangerous message that ‘gay is okay’ are going to be there observing their own ‘special day’ too.  One must wonder who planned the timing on this?

“Parents and mentors are going to be taking children to the Phillies/Marlin game to watch good baseball, but instead they are going to be confronted with having to explain why two men or two women are kissing or holding hands. Homosexuals have every right to be at the baseball game, but why promote it as a gay community night?  Having a Phillies Gay Community Night is just another attempt to normalize the homosexual lifestyle,” commented Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

Homosexuals make up less than 3% of the U.S. population, yet they are trying to give the illusion that they are everywhere and everyone’s mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or neighbor is a homosexual and that is mathematically impossible. 

“Homosexuals cannot serve in the military – that’s the law, yet there will be those participating in ‘Gay Community Night’ who are actively working to get ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ and the law thrown out.  What will be the response of those in the military and their families when they realize that a group of homosexuals are also holding a Gay Community Night on Military Appreciation Night?  How will the homosexuals show their appreciation of the military as they work to undermine the entire military structure?” Gramley questioned.


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Federal Judge’s Decision is Wrong – Same-sex Felons Should Not be Treated as Married Couple, Pro-Family Group Says

(Philadelphia) – U.S. District Judge  Marvin Katz is wrong, a statewide pro-family group said in response to Tuesday’s decision to allow two convicted male homosexual felons to continue living together as a couple.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) noted that this is a step toward equating same-sex relationships to marriage and called on the U.S. Probation Office to appeal the decision.l

Dealing 100 grams of methamphetamine, serving time and being released with the label of convicted felon doesn’t matter anymore.  U.S. Probation office rules are tossed out the door by the decision of one activist judge.  This is yet another attempt to undermine marriage and put same-sex couples in the same category as married spouses,” Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA said today in response to the ruling.

U.S. Probation Office policy forbids felons on probation from associating with other felons unless they are blood relatives or spouses during the five years of supervised release.  Obviously Daniel Mangini and Steven Roberts are not blood relatives, thus Judge Katz interprets their 18 years of living together as marriage and the creation of a family.  This is a dangerous decision.

“As pro-family leaders have warned the Fourteenth Amendment and Due Process Clause will be used to force America to recognize same-sex relationships as marriage.  Judge Katz writing in his decision said that ‘The Due Process Clause [of the Constitution] protects highly personal relationships of deep attachment and commitment.’  This is extremely troubling and opens the potential for the legalization of bigamy, polygamy, group marriage and every imaginable personal relationship of deep attachment.  It is impossible to predict where this decision will lead,” noted Gramley.

Again, the AFA of PA calls on the U.S. Probation Office to appeal this outrageous decision.

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PA Statewide Group Joins 60 Other Groups Demanding a Resolution to the Judicial Nominee “Problem”

(Harrisburg) – The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) joined a coalition of about 60 other groups demanding an end to the judicial nominee gridlock and decrying the character assassination of Iraq war veteran Judge Leslie Southwick who is the nominee for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  The letter signed by the coalition members and copied below was delivered to each of the nineteen members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and it expressed deep concern that the “lack of progress in reporting judicial nominees out of committee . . . has made it impossible for the Senate to fulfill its constitutional duty of advice and consent in good faith.”

“The entire confirmation process has become a circus and a means to assassinate the character of highly qualified individuals.  A perfect example is Judge Southwick who is rated unanimously well-qualified by the American Bar Association.  But this battle has also moved to Pennsylvania and the Third Circuit where we need someone to fill Justice Samuel Alito’s seat.  What will Shalom Stone, President Bush’s nominee, have to endure to simply be allowed to get a straight up or down vote before the full Senate?” Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA asked.

Halfway into the new term and the current chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee does not seem to be concerned about the existence of several judicial emergencies across the country.  The American people are growing tired of politicizing the judicial nomination process and expect the Senate Judiciary Committee to do its job.

“We join Senator Specter in expressing concern in the slow pace of the Senator Judiciary Committee in holding hearings on President Bush’s nominees.  We also urge the Committee to permit a quick up or down vote before the full Senate.  Currently the country is facing a judicial crisis and these antics need to end,” stated Gramley.


# # #

July 25, 2007

The Honorable Patrick J. Leahy
The Honorable Arlen Specter
The Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
The Honorable Sam Brownback
The Honorable Benjamin L. Cardin
The Honorable Tom Coburn
The Honorable John Cornyn
The Honorable Richard J. Durbin
The Honorable Russell D. Feingold
The Honorable Dianne Feinstein
The Honorable Lindsey Graham
The Honorable Charles E. Grassley
The Honorable Orrin G. Hatch
The Honorable Edward M. Kennedy
The Honorable Herb Kohl
The Honorable Jon Kyl
The Honorable Charles E. Schumer
The Honorable Jeff Session
The Honorable Sheldon Whitehouse

United States Senate
U.S. Capitol
Washington, DC

Dear Senators,

We and the organizations we represent are deeply concerned about the Senate Judiciary Committee’s lack of progress in reporting judicial nominees out of committee.  This is particularly pronounced for U.S. Courts of Appeal nominees, and has made it impossible for the Senate to fulfill its constitutional duty of advice and consent in good faith.  The broken promises and personal attacks on nominees that have accompanied this inaction – as well as the unfairness of denying qualified nominees a fair up-or-down vote by the full Senate – only add to the public perception that your committee is not living up to its responsibilities.

That approval ratings for the 110th Congress are among the lowest in history is a testament to the American people’s concern that their elected representatives are more interested in partisan politics and politically driven investigations than in making progress on the issues citizens really care about. The American people want you to do your job, and among the most important responsibilities of the Judiciary Committee are processing and voting on the President’s judicial nominees.  We respectfully request that you take this responsibility seriously, including putting statesmanship above politics and special interests.

More than six months into this Congress, the Judiciary Committee has held hearings for only four appeals court nominees, and has voted on only three such nominees. At that pace, the Senate will fall far short of the historical average of 17 circuit court confirmations during a president’s last two years in office.  That average was maintained during the Reagan, Bush I, and Clinton presidencies, despite the fact that the opposition party controlled the Senate. The American people expect no less from this Senate and do not want the Judiciary Committee to stand in the way.  Fortunately, the historical average can be achieved if you and your colleagues are willing to eschew partisan politics in favor of fairness and fulfilling your constitutional duty.

Instead, five appeals court nominees – three of them waiting to fill vacancies declared “judicial emergencies” – and 14 district court nominees are languishing in the Judiciary Committee.  Four additional appeals court nominations have just been announced.  Several nominees have been waiting for more than a year for the committee to do its job.  In some cases, the nominees are being subjected to obstruction borne of partisan politics.  In other cases, the Judiciary Committee has fallen behind because it insists on holding hearings for judicial nominees just once a month.

Among those appeals court nominees being blocked in the Judiciary Committee is Judge Leslie Southwick, an Iraq War veteran rated “unanimously well-qualified” by the American Bar Association.  Unfortunately, Judge Southwick has been the target of an ugly campaign of character assassination by liberal special interest groups.  It is very telling that, despite sifting through nearly 7000 cases Southwick voted on during 12 years on the Mississippi Court of Appeals, his critics are basing their opposition on two opinions he didn’t write.

If the nomination of Leslie Southwick is allowed to die in committee, it will be a loss to both the federal bench and the reputation of the Judiciary Committee.  The American people will ask why you put the demands of special interest groups above the fair treatment of a man who interrupted a highly successful career to serve his country in Iraq.

The impact of the judges issue on Senate campaigns in 2002 and 2004 demonstrated that the public is watching.  Americans want to see progress rather than hear explanations for why you were unable to rise above politics.  They do not want to hear that inaction in the Judiciary Committee is the White House’s fault for failing to name nominees for some of the vacancies.  In fact, calls for the White House to speed up the pace of nominations are undercut when you allow those already nominated to languish in the Judiciary Committee.

The American people are equally unsympathetic to the claim that certain nominees cannot get a hearing because of the Judiciary Committee’s arcane “blue slip” policy.  That policy is rightfully perceived as serving senators rather than the public.  Because the policy exists entirely at the discretion of the committee chairman, blame for the resulting delays cannot credibly be laid outside the committee.

President Bush fulfilled his constitutional duty by nominating the outstanding men and women who await action in the Judiciary Committee.  We respectfully request that you allow the Senate to fulfill its constitutional duty of advice and consent, by ensuring that each and every judicial nominee is given a hearing and is reported out of committee for consideration by the full Senate in a timely manner.  If you cannot support a particular nominee, vote him or her out of committee without a positive recommendation, or vote against confirmation.  But please do not deny the nominee a fair up-or-down vote on the Senate floor.  In other words, we ask only that you do your job by putting statesmanship above politics and special interests.


Curt Levey
Executive Director
Committee for Justice

Jim Martin
60 Plus Association

Diane Gramley
American Family Association of Pennsylvania

Jim Backlin
Vice President for Legislative Affairs
Christian Coalition of America

Paul M. Weyrich
National Chairman
Coalitions for America

Kay R. Daly
Coalition for a Fair Judiciary

Wendy Wright
Concerned Women for America

Richard A. Viguerie

Phyllis Schlafly
President and Founder
Eagle Forum

Tony Perkins

Tom McClusky
Vice President of Government Affairs
Family Research Council

Brian Burch

Tom Minnery
Senior Vice President of Government and Public Policy
Focus on the Family

Mary E. Bliss
Director of Special Projects
Illinois Citizens for Life

James Bopp Jr.
General Counsel
James Madison Center for Free Speech

Wendy E. Long
General Counsel

Gary Marx
Executive Director
Judicial Confirmation Network

Tom Fitton
Judicial Watch

Kristian M. Mineau
Massachusetts Family Institute

Douglas Reaume
Owner and Director
Michigan Catholic Radio

Father Frank Pavone
National Director
Priests for Life

Mychal Massie
Project 21

Randy Brinson
Redeem the Vote

Cathy Herron
South Carolina

Andrea Lafferty
Executive Director
Traditional Values Coalition

Dr. Carl Herbster

Gary J. Palmer
Alabama Policy Institute

Susan A. Carleson
Chairman & CEO
American Civil Rights Union

Dr. Don Wildmon
Founder & Chairman
American Family Association

Micah Clark
Executive Director
American Family Association of Indiana

Gary Glenn
American Family Association of Michigan

Mark Chmura
Executive Director
Americans for the Preservation of Liberty

Jeffrey Mazzella
Center for Individual Freedom

Michael S. Heath
Executive Director
Christian Civic League of Maine

Samuel B. Casey
Executive Director & CEO
Christian Legal Society

Phil Burress
Citizens for Community Values

Robert R. Galbreath
Citizens for a Constitutional Republic

Tom Shields
Coalition for Marriage and Family

Karen Testerman
Executive Director
Cornerstone Policy Research

Alan Chambers
Exodus International

Kent Ostrander
Executive Director
Family Foundation of Kentucky

Maurine Proctor
Family Leader Network

John Stemberger
President and General Counsel
Florida Family Policy Council

Kelly Shackelford
Free Market Foundation

Christine Carmouche

Bryan Fischer
Executive Director
Idaho Values Alliance

Ron Shuping
Executive Vice President of Programming
Inspiration Networks

Anita Staver
Liberty Counsel

Hiram Sasser
Director of Litigation
Liberty Legal Institute

Mathew D. Staver
Dean and Professor of Law
Liberty University School of Law

Dr. Patricia McEwen
Life Coalition International

Forest Thigpen
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Deal W. Hudson
Morley Institute

Amy Ridenour
National Center for Public Policy Research

Steven W. Fitschen
National Legal Foundation

Richard J. Howell
Natural Rights and Laws Compact

Pastor Russell Johnson
Ohio Restoration Project

Carmen Pate
Point of View
radio talk show

Dr. William Greene

Dr. Rick Scarborough
Vision America Action

Victor Williams
Assistant Professor of Law (Catholic University of America)
Washington, DC




















CONTACT:  Diane Gramley 1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355

Hindu Prayer in the Senate . . .What Did Presiding Senator Bob Casey Do, Traditional Values Group Asks

(Washington, DC) --  The Opening Session of the United States Senate on July 12 marked a great deviation from practices that have been followed since the Senate formed in 1789 --  a Hindu opened the session in prayer.  Historians believe that only one other time in our nation’s history has another non-Christian religious figure offered the opening prayer in the United States Senate and that was in 1993 by a Muslim.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), has expressed concern that the presiding Senator over the session, Senator Bob Casey, Jr., apparently offered no objections to the Hindu prayer.

“Just the day before when I was visiting Senator Casey’s Washington office, we in the Pennsylvania delegation were assured he was a strong Catholic who took his faith seriously, one must wonder where his faith was on Thursday,” remarked Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA, a statewide traditional values group. 

An e-mailed statement to Senator Casey said in part, “In light of this (your Catholic faith), should you not have voiced concern over allowing a Hindu to open the Senate session in prayer to a 'Supreme Being" 'who is inside the heart of the earth, inside the life of the sky, and inside the soul of heaven.'   The prayer offered was stench in the nostrils of the one True God.   I thought we were still "One Nation Under GOD" not gods.” 

The United States was founded upon Christian principles, by Christian men who would never have allowed Hindu chaplain Rajan Zed to voice such a prayer in the U.S. Senate.   When the Founders penned the Declaration of Independence, they knew who they were referring to when they wrote the words “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”  They believed that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Unlike the Hindu religion which still endorses a caste system which includes ‘untouchables’ and ‘outcasts.’ 

The July 12th prayer also shows a strong difference in the Mormon beliefs of Senator Harry Reid who described the Hindu’s prayer as being, “in communication with our Heavenly Father” and evangelical Christians. 

Some of the Mormon beliefs include:

    • God was once a man like us.
    • God has a tangible body of flesh and bone.
    • God lives on a planet near the star Kolob.
    • We can become like God and rule over our own universe.
    • There are many gods, ruling over their own worlds.
    • Jesus and Satan ("Lucifer") are brothers, and they are our brothers - we are all spirit children of Heavenly Father

“One must wonder about the true intentions of those who approved this man’s prayer in the Senate.  It is truly not a presentation of America as “American Religious Identification Survey" estimated there were 766,000 Hindus in the U.S. in 2001.   One must also wonder why Bob Casey, Jr., as presiding Senator, did not speak up and object to yet another effort by the politically correct to undermine this nation’s Christian roots,” further stated Gramley.


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No, Governor Rendell, It’s Not a ‘Win Win Contract’ with the State System of Higher Education

(Harrisburg) – Extending domestic partner benefits to same-sex couples is not the right course to take if taxpayer dollars and student tuition is a concern, the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) said today in response to the proposed PA State System of Higher Education contract. 

“According to Kenneth Jarin, chairman of the State System's Board of Governors, he believes they can continue managing their costs and will be able to keep tuition reasonably low.  He’s not looking at the increased costs of extending health benefits to homosexuals,” noted Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA, a statewide traditional values group.

The AFA of PA does not believe that is possible in light of the March 1, 2002 information from Mark Weinberg, Executive Vice-President and Chief Development Officer of Wellpoint, Inc. which owns Blue Cross of California and a number of other major insurers.  He said in an e-mail to his distribution list, “The loss ratio (health-care costs as a percent of premiums paid) for same-sex domestic partners was 17.1% HIGHER than for the remaining two party members (meaning opposite-sex couples).” 

Michael Hamrick says in “The Hidden Costs of Domestic Partner Benefits, “Eight percent of insured people account for over 70% of health-care insurance expenditures.  Therefore, raising the number of high risk individuals in an insurance pool by 1% has an exponential impact on overall cost.”  Will proof of good health be required as part of the process to sign-up for insurance through the State System of Higher Education?

Even in countries such as the Netherlands and Canada where homosexuality is much more accepted, homosexual sex is associated with deadly diseases such as HIV, AIDS, shortened life span by up to 20 years, anal cancer, gonorrhea, syphilis, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Dr. Jeffrey Satinover laid out in his book, Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth the solid, irrefutable evidence that there are lethal consequences of engaging in the defining features of male homosexuality--that is, promiscuity and anal intercourse.   Can anyone refute that anal intercourse tears the rectal lining of the receptive partner, regardless of whether a condom is worn, and the subsequent contact with fecal matter leads to a host of diseases?  We have to agree with Brian Cameker of the Parent Right's Coalition when he said on national television, "A lifetime of anal sex does not do great things for the body.  Additionally, Dr. John Diggs' goes into great detail outlining “The Health Risks of Gay Sex.”

Centers for Disease Control statistics show that men who have sex with men (MSM) made up more than two thirds (68%) of all men living with HIV in 2005, even though only about 5% to 7% of men in the United States reported having sex with other men.  The number of new HIV/AIDS cases among MSM in 2005 was 11% more than the number of cases in 2001.

A study presented at the Third International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment in Rio de Janeiro estimates that the lifetime cost of treating an HIV-positive person exceeds $400,000 and can run as high as $648,000 without discounts on antiretroviral drugs, reports.  Based on their findings, the researchers estimate that the 40,000 people newly infected with HIV each year in the United States will require about $12.8 billion in medical care.

 “According to the CDC Pennsylvania had the eighth highest number of AIDS cases in the U.S. in 2005.  The promotion of domestic partner benefits is not about good business, but about bowing under the pressure exerted from those trying to equate same-sex partnerships to marriage.  They are not the same and any business that works to undermine marriage will ultimately suffer the financial consequences.  In this case Pennsylvania taxpayers and students attending the 14 schools in the State System of Higher Education will be the ones helping pay for the health costs of those engaging in risky sexual behavior, ” Gramley concluded.


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Hate Crimes Laws Still Are Not Necessary, Traditional Values Group Says

(Philadelphia) – The suicide death of 18-year-old David Ritcheson, who jumped from an upper level of a cruise ship on Sunday, is a tragedy as any suicide is. In April, even though he remembered nothing about last year’s racially-motivated attack on him, David testified before the House Judiciary Committee Hearing on HR 1592, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007, in support of the bill.  While the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide traditional values group, differs with David’s viewpoint on “hate crimes’ legislation, we decry the horrible crime and praise David’s courage in trying to recover from the vicious attack.

“According to Mike Trent, the prosecutor in the case, David was using drugs before the attack and he realized that had played a part in his attack after he made a drunken pass at a 12-year-old.  Not that those circumstances excuse the vicious attack that followed.  We also cannot forget that one of the attackers received life in prison and the other 90 years, with no chance of parole before they serve 30 years.  What additional sentence would a hate crimes law bring?” questioned Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

Even as Matthew Shepherd’s attackers are serving consecutive, double-life sentences, so David’s attackers received stiff penalties.  Matthew Shepherd’s death has become the center piece for homosexual activists to push for hate crimes legislation with “actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity.’.  Ignoring the facts has become the apparent tactic of choice.  In November 2004 ABC 20/20 exposed that the attack on Matthew Shepherd was not motivated by hate, but money and drugs.  FBI statistics do not show the need for hate crimes legislation.  Of the 7,160 single-bias incidents by bias motivation, 14.2 percent were motivated by a sexual-orientation bias.  Intimidations accounted for 48.9 percent of the 5,190 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against persons.  There are already laws on the books against murder, property damage, assault, intimidation, etc. 

“Increasingly we see those holding traditional values called bigoted, homophobic and accused of hate speech.  We here in Pennsylvania should be especially wary of hate crimes laws.  In 2002 we were assured by legislators in Harrisburg that this bill was about thugs and hooligans and blood on the streets.  Less than two years later Christians are charged with a hate crime for singing choruses and reading Scripture at a Philadelphia homosexual event.  Hate crime laws provide unequal protection under the law, are unnecessary, and are designed to silence those who do not agree with certain lifestyle choices,” further noted Gramley. htt

The AFA of PA asks for prayer and comfort for David’s family in this difficult and mournful time. 


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