July 13, 2020


Two Action Items for Allegheny County


  1.  Final Vote on Tear Gas/Rubber Bullet Ban on July 14th!

The proposal to ban non-lethal weapons introduced by Allegheny County Council members Democrat Socialists Bethany Hallam and Olivia Bennett has advanced through the committee process and the final vote is scheduled during the full County Council meeting tomorrow evening at 5:00 p.m.  The meeting will be in the 4th Floor Gold Room of the Allegheny County Courthouse.  The purpose of the ordinance would be to ban the use of “tear gas, concussion grenades, ‘rubber bullets,’ and flexible baton rounds (commonly referred to as ‘bean bag rounds’) in the county . . .  there is no exemption for police use!This bill is opposed by Firearm Owners Against Crime.

Here are a couple examples of why these weapons are needed: 

— In May of 2018, the County SWAT team used a flashbang grenade to rescue a 4-year old boy, whose father had been holding him at knifepoint for hours.

— In October of 2018, SWAT officers used flashbang grenades to rescue a seriously injured officer at the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting.  

— Smaller communities depend on the expertise of the trained Allegheny County SWAT Team members to assist in crisis situations.   

2. Pittsburgh Democratic Socialists target pro-life ads on Port Authority Transit.   They are orchestrating phone calls to the Port Authority, demanding that BIRTHRIGHT ads be removed from PAT buses!

The ads are simple but highly visible, simply saying, “Pregnant? Need Help?” and giving Birthright’s name and phone number.  According to the Democratic Socialists this is highly offensive!!

Action Steps  

  1. Contact your County Council member and ask him or her to vote “No” on Ordinance 11516-20. In order to email, click on your council member’s name and then on “Contact” on his or her page.  You can also call them at 412-350-6490.

  If you don’t know who your council member is, click here  

To make a Public Comment at a Council Meeting sign up at least 24 hours ahead of time. 

2.  Port Authority needs to hear from you!  Call them at 412-442-2000 and ask them to keep the Birthright ads and other pro-life ads – this is all about the freedom of speech!

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