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Action Alert – ERIC is a Problem

In order for our representative republic to work successfully, voters must have confidence in the election process. The past several election cycles have created great concern to PA voters as many questions have arisen and remain unanswered. One of the major concerns is voter rolls that are not clean and several PA counties have not addressed this issue.

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Action Alert – Has Your Church or Christian School Taken the Necessary Steps?

The Equality Act, or more accurately named the Inequality Act, is waiting in the Senate for a final vote. It looks like Senator Schumer may not have the 60 votes to override a filibuster, but may attach it to another bill. The bill’s passage would be a direct assault on churches and Christian schools. Are they ready for that attack?

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Action Alert – International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Persecution – something most American Christians don’t really understand. Yes, we see Christian business owners being targeting for taking Biblical stands on issues like marriage and abortion, but there have been no real physical attacks. However, that day may be coming. Today our Christian brothers and sisters around the world do not have the assurance that they will even return alive from their Sunday worship service. Many are forced to worship in secret and there may be just a page or two of the Bible between all the members of the church. Today is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.

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Action Alert – State House Can Continue Blocking Atheists from Delivering Opening Prayer

This nation was founded upon prayer. The establishment of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is based in prayer — prayer to a living and powerful God. The State House followed the centuries-old tradition of opening their sessions in prayer, but atheists wanted their opportunity to open the House sessions in “prayer”. A major victory was just handed down by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in this ongoing challenge to the House’s policy. Thank House Speaker Mike Turzai for his willingness to fight for the guest chaplain policy.

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