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News Release – AFA of PA Signs onto Doctors Protecting Children Declaration

The Declaration has over two dozen footnotes and affirms the AFA of PA’s concerns since the big push for puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and surgeries began for vulnerable children who are confused about their gender.  Many issues play into their confusion such as the entertainment media, indoctrination in public schools, books in public libraries, Drag Queen Story Hours and sexual assault name a few.  This is a psychological issue and should be treated as such.

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Action Alert – Governor Shapiro Tells Senate to Pass Dangerous Bill

The PA Human Relations Act covers employment, housing and public accommodation. The Democrats are trying to get HB 300 passed which would add “sexual orientation and gender identity or expression” to the law. This would open women’s private spaces to men who identify as women and would force Christian owned businesses to hire homosexuals and transgenders. In the case of a Christian owned bakery, videographer, wedding shop or even a venue that rents for wedding receptions or weddings, they would be forced to go against their strongly held religious beliefs that marriage is only between one man and one woman.

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Action Alert – Stop the Misnamed Equality Act

The so-called Equality Act has nothing to do with equality! Its sole purpose is to control the lives of all who do not bow to the LGBTQ agenda. If a person doesn’t conform to the agenda, they will be targeted by the government. If you think Jack Phillips and Baronelle Stutzman’s cases were outrageous; if you think attacks on the Little Sisters of the Poor were outrageous; they were only a taste of what will happen across the nation if the Equality Act becomes law.

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Action Alert – LGBTQ Activism in PA Schools

Students across Pennsylvania and the nation are being bombarded with the lie that you can be born in the wrong body or you may have been born “gay.” The LGBTQ message is constantly buzzing in the background through books, entertainment media or even lessons in school. Over 1,000 US schools say they will keep parents in the dark about their child’s gender confusion. Is your local school district one of those?

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