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Action Alert – Parents’ Right to Know What Their Children are Exposed to in School

There is a concerted effort to sexualize America’s children and the Commonwealth is right in the center of the controversy. The Left thinks the books that clearly have the purpose of sexualizing pre-school through 12th grade students are just fine! Is there any doubt that these books play a role in the increased accounts of student-on-student sexual assault? Bills have been introduced to give parents more rights when it comes to their child’s exposure to material they view as inappropriate.

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Action Alert – Rule Change Comment Deadline is Today

News flash – males and females are different! This fact remains no matter what politicians are saying and to deny these differences is discriminatory against females. The US Department of Education is seeking to change the Title IX rules in order to force all schools to permit males on females sports teams. They want to hear from you concerning this matter.

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Action Alert – Eliminating the US Department of Education

The US Department of Education has been around since 1980.  Since that time, we have seen the federal government dictate what schools can teach, how they can teach it and seen our schools becoming indoctrination centers for the Left.  This has been exposed extensively the past few years and parents have been ignored by school boards across the country and even been declared ‘domestic terrorists’ by this administration’s Department of Justice.  It is time for the unconstitutional US Department of Education to go!  Nowhere in the US Constitution does the federal government have the authority to be involved in the education of the nation’s children. 

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Crawford County Alert – Important Penncrest School Board Meetings This Week

Important Penncrest school board meetings this week – Monday and Thursday at 7:00 p.m. Monday night’s meeting will involve interviewing candidates for a replacement for Jen Davis, who abruptly resigned at last month’s meeting. If you live in the district, plan to attend to support the conservative board members who voted for sanity last month!

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Action Alert – Three Christian Students Come to the Defense of Penncrest School District’s New Policy

Courage is what this world needs during these troubling times and three young Christian students in Penncrest School District were unafraid to step forward and express their support for the recent school board policy which removed sexually explicit books from the district libraries. Show your support for their courage.

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