September 11, 2023


Parents’ Right to Know What Their Children are Exposed to in School


State Senator Ryan Aument has introduced SB 7 – the subject line on his co-sponsorship memo explains the purpose of the bill as “Parental Control of Student Exposure to Sexually Explicit Content in Schools”.  Now State Rep Russ Diamond has introduced the companion bill –  HB 1659.   The bills will provide parents with the ability to be fully aware of the mature, sexual content their child may be provided in school and the ability to deny their own child access to such content should the parent believe it is inappropriate.

Senator Aument has provided examples of the type materials they are targeting.  You can click here to get an idea of books that have been found in PA schools.   As he mentions, this is only a small example and the schools listed as carriers of these books is only a partial list.        If you haven’t seen examples of these materials beforehand, be prepared to be shocked as to what our taxpayer dollars are purchasing in order to sexualize our children and grandchildren!   As you look at these books, know that the Left thinks this is just fine and labels efforts to protect the Commonwealth’s children from this sexualization as “book banning”. 

Each of the bills are currently in their respective Education Committees. 

Action Steps

SB 7 was referred to the Senate Education Committee back on April 7th.   HB 1659 was just recently introduced.  Please contact your State Rep and ask him or her to sign on as a co-sponsor to HB 1659. 

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