Marriage Amendment Articles

Answering Arguments for Same-Sex Marriage –Probe Ministries

Banned in Boston — How Same-sex Marriage Will Impact Religious Liberties in America — by Maggie Gallagher

Beyond Gay Marriage – the Road to Polyamory — Commentary by Stanley Kurtz

Death of Marriage in Scandinavia by Stanley Kurtz

For Better or Worse —  as printed in the Wall Street Journal Editorial by Mary Ann Glendon

Homosexuality:  The Threat to Family and Marriage by FRC’s Peter Sprigg

If Gays Marry, Churches Could Suffer
May 26, 2006 Chicago Tribune article by Douglas W. Kmiec, a professor of constitutional law at Pepperdine University School of Law

Marriage_and_The_Public_Good— The Witherspoon Institute

Polygamy Vs. Democracy — Stanley Kurtz

Queering the Social — Stanley Kurtz

Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ and the Persecution of Civil Society – Jennifer Roback Morse

What Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Will Mean to America’s Children by Linda Harvey

What Marriage is For by Maggie Gallegher

What is Wrong With Letting Same-Sex Couples ‘Marry’? by Peter Sprigg

Why Marriage Matters – the Case for Marriage

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