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Blog Post: Administration’s Faltering Support for Israel and Democrats Value of Human Life

A look at the evidence shows that on October 7, 2023 there were two states:  Gaza and Israel.  Why?  Because in 2005 Israel under Prime Minister Sharon unilaterally gave the Gaza strip to the Palestinians, even forcibly removing Jewish settlers who’d lived there for decades and didn’t want to relocate. The Israelis left the Palestinians a thriving export business deriving from state-of-the-art greenhouses that supplied fruit and flowers to Europe.  Articles in Newsweek and the New York Times point out that Gaza could have become the “Singapore of the Middle East.”  Instead, the Palestinians destroyed the previously Jewish-owned greenhouses and elected Hamas as their leaders!   Victor Sharpe points out, “Sharon had foolishly believed…the Arab residents would build a civilized and peaceful society, thus proving to both Israel and the world that they could live in peace with the Jewish state. It was a delusion…”

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Blog Post: The White House and Easter 2024

In 2021 Joe Biden became the first US President to issue a proclamation on Transgender Day of Visibility and he continues advocating for males playing on girls’ sports teams and using women’s bathrooms, locker and changing rooms. And President Joe Biden is one of those who encourage those who identify as transgender to continue living the lie, as his proclamation goes down through a litany of actions he is proud of through the pro-LGBTQ laws and executive orders he has signed, to new rules and policies his administration has implemented, such as allowing transgenders to serve openly in the military. 

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Blog Post – Roe is Gone . . . But the Fight Continues

Since January 22, 1973, life has been devalued. We can see that in news stories we read: newborn babies thrown in the trash or found floating in toilets, elderly parents shot and dismembered using a chainsaw, drive-by shootings, simply attacking a stranger without cause, students killing teachers and even other students, increased child abuse and abandonment, etc., etc.
We are a nation who has lost its way. Will we find it again?

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Blog Post – Insurrection: yes or no?

Legal experts say insurrection is nearly impossible to prove in court. Perhaps that is why no one from the riot on January 6, 2021 has been charged with insurrection! Yet, the mainstream media and leftist politicians continue using that word. Let’s face it: the only reason they are using that word is it places fear in the hearts and minds of Americans and they are using it to get President Trump disqualified from running for the presidency in 2024.

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Blog Post – Why Have Primary Elections if the Party Endorses?

Tuesday, May 16th is Primary Election Day in PA, but why even have it?  The Republican Party obviously does not trust the voters, so they feel “obligated” to put their “stamp of approval” upon certain candidates.  It is also obvious that the state GOP is NOT looking at experience when it comes to their endorsements.  That’s the only explanation as we look at the state GOP endorsements for PA Supreme Court and PA Commonwealth Court.  Let’s take a close look at those two endorsements:

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Blog Post – What Qualifies Someone to be “Woman of the Year”?

One would think the first qualification would be that the nominee would actually be a woman, but maybe not! In today’s world it is different. It doesn’t matter whether an individual has the body parts necessary to be an actual woman. All that seems to matter nowadays is how one feels about oneself – how one identifies is of overbearing importance. But does how one feels about oneself, really change the sex of that person?

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Blog Post – President’s Day

By Act of Congress, this is still George Washington’s Birthday. Although car dealers and shopping malls have told us over and over again it’s Presidents Day, the law is clear: We are honoring today our first president, the Father of our Country.

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