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Action Alert – Ask AG Kane to Continue Investigating Porn Emails

As listed in today’s news release, McCaffery faces several accusations against him — accusations that the average Pennsylvanians would be investigated for, if they were leveled at them. But Seamus McCaffery simply walks away. As a pro-decency group, our major concern is whether the emails described in last week’s news release are illegal obscenity. It is against federal law to email obscene material!

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News Release – McCaffery is Gone, But Questions Remain

Yesterday PA Supreme Court Judge Seamus McCaffery sent his resignation letter to Governor Corbett without mentioning the email scandal involving more than 234 pornographic photos and videos, but instead said he was retiring “in light of my immediate intention to embark on other professional endeavors and paths.” The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide pro-decency group, is still asking Attorney General Kathleen Kane to investigate whether the sexually explicit emails sent by McCaffery and the others involved were illegal obscenity.

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News Release – Reading’s Success Depends Upon Opening Bathroom Doors Wide

arlier this month the Greater Reading Convention & Visitors Bureau unveiled its new initiative to ” enhance inclusiveness throughout Greater Reading.” The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide values group, has contacted Bureau president Crystal Seitz congratulating her on targeting just 1.6 percent of the entire US population in this new initiative. The communication also noted that only 2.7 percent of Pennsylvanians identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender! The AFA of PA also asked about the transgender issue and the issue of men in women’s restrooms noting the lawsuit by a former employee against Cabela’s in neighboring Hamburg.

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Blog: UMC Reinstates Frank Schaefer

Last week the highest court of the United Methodist Church, the Judicial Council, heard before them the case of Frank Schaefer, former pastor of Zion United Methodist Church in Lebanon, Pa.

Last December he was defrocked by a lower court for officiating at the “wedding” of his homosexual son in 2007 and for refusing to promise not to perform another same-sex “marriage.” Schaefer appealed that decision and in June an appeals panel, chaired by an open lesbian, reinstated him. But Schaefer’s local prosecutor, the Rev. Christopher Fisher, filed an appeal with the church’s highest judicial body, the Judicial Council.