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Action Alert – Pray as Congress and the PA General Assembly Return

Congress will be returning to Washington, DC today to begin its lame duck session. As mentioned in a previous alert, much damage can be done during this time period which ends right before Christmas. Although, there is a reported bit of good news in that the Democrats in the Senate have indicated they will not ram through President Obama’s nominee for Attorney General. Not sure if Harry Reid got the message!

The PA House and PA Senate will also be returning to Harrisburg today to wrap up last minute business and vote on new GOP leadership for the two year session.

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Mennonite Church

News Release – Right Decision Made: Retired Pastor Loses Credentials

A retired Mennonite pastor and missionary has lost his credentials because of his willingness to “marry” his son who identifies as homosexual and his male partner. In an email the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide advocate for natural marriage, commended the Lancaster Mennonite Conference for its unwavering decision to stand by the real definition of marriage.

I Voted Sticker

Blog: Another Election Day Rolls ‘Round

Today is Election Day! How important is it to carefully consider the character of the person for whom you vote?

The lesbian mayor of Houston, Texas has been in the news a lot recently. Did you know the voter turnout in that city was only 11 percent the year she was elected? In fact, the average voter turnout in metropolitan areas is 10 percent!

Brittany Maynard Fund

Blog: A Young Woman is Dead

Twenty-nine year old Brittany Maynard moved to Oregon for the express purpose of taking her own life. She reached that decision after being diagnosed with terminable brain cancer earlier this year. She announced in early October, she planned on taking her life on November 1st.