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Action Alert – Tell Senators to Vote “No” on All Lame Duck Nominees

This morning Reid offered the Senators a “tempting carrot to cooperate and waive procedural hurdles so that they can close the session and leave for the holidays.” So . . . the majority of Senators are mad because they had to work on Saturday and now Reid is telling them just co-operate with me and you can go home tomorrow! Somehow I can’t envision many of these “suffering” Senators sitting in the Philadelphia heat in their woolen suits as they debate independence from Great Britain in 1776. Just can’t picture that

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Blog — Only Two Senators Stood Boldly

Only Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) consistently stood boldly throughout the drama that took place in the Senate today. They demanded, and got, a vote to defund Obama’s executive action on amnesty. They forced the vote and all Americans now know where their sitting Senators stand on the issue!


Action Alert – Stop Obama’s Amnesty Plan

Last night President Obama announced executive action on immigration. I’m sure the timing — the week before Thanksgiving — was not intentional! Many Congressmen have already returned to their home districts for Thanksgiving.

Here’s some of what he intends:


Action Alert – Pray as Congress and the PA General Assembly Return

Congress will be returning to Washington, DC today to begin its lame duck session. As mentioned in a previous alert, much damage can be done during this time period which ends right before Christmas. Although, there is a reported bit of good news in that the Democrats in the Senate have indicated they will not ram through President Obama’s nominee for Attorney General. Not sure if Harry Reid got the message!

The PA House and PA Senate will also be returning to Harrisburg today to wrap up last minute business and vote on new GOP leadership for the two year session.