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News Release – This is the Real Reason for HB/SB 300

The Christian owners of two businesses in central PA are being attacked because they do not want to embrace and celebrate a lifestyle they believe is sinful. The Inne at the Abingtons in Lackawanna County has turned away a lesbian couple who wants to use their facility for their “wedding” and W.W. Bridal Boutique in Bloomsburg has turned away another lesbian couple who wants to buy wedding gowns. Such situations will be used to push for passage of two homosexual special rights bills, but they expose the real reason homosexual activists are pushing for passage of HB and SB 300, notes the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), an organization advocating for natural marriage and religious freedom.

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Blog: Atheists to National Guard – Bibles Must Go

One new enlistee with the Missouri National Guard is frightened to be in the same room with Bibles — Gideon Bibles are the most dangerous ones! He complained to an organization of which he is a member — the American Atheist Association — saying, “Many people had taken the religious literature including recruits as well as those beginning the enlistment procedures. I was not approached by anyone with the literature, though it was quite prominently displayed on the shelf.”


Blog: IRS Will Monitor Churches

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) should really be renamed “The Freedom From Christianity Foundation,” since its primary target is the Christian faith – although in the past they also have demanded the removal of the Star of David from a Holocaust memorial. They must not know who the primary targets of the Nazis were anymore than they know the Christian history of the establishment of this nation.

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Blog: Louisiana Governor Jindal Says Common Core is a Scheme

The basic question is does the Constitution give the federal government the authority to intervene in education in any way? Nowhere in Article 1, Section 8 is that power included in the list of powers given to Congress. Article II does not give that power to the Executive nor does Article III give it to the Judiciary.