November 16, 2017


Stop Tax-payer Funding of Sex Change Operations for Children


Make two phone calls and send an email!

A little background:  Last year Governor Wolf unilaterally decided to use taxpayer dollars to perform so-called sex-change surgeries on children who are confused about their gender in the Children’s Health Insurance Program or CHIP.  The end of last month the State Senate rightly passed Senator Don White’s  amendment to the current CHIP reauthorization bill — HB 1388 — that removed this funding.

The bill passed by a 37-13 vote and is now in the State House for a final vote.   However, House leadership is under intense pressure from LGBT activists to remove the amendment and thus reinstate the use of taxpayer dollars for mutilating “sex-change” surgery on children.

Action Steps

Contact the following and ask them to  keep Senator Don White’s amendment  to HB 1388 prohibiting taxpayer funded sex-change surgeries for children in the CHIP program:

1.)  Speaker of the House Mike Turzai  — his district office number is 412-369-2230 or email at

2.)  House Majority Leader Dave Reed — his district office number is 724-465-0220 or email at

3.)  Contact your State House member and ask him or her to not support any CHIP bill that does not prohibit taxpayer funded sex-change surgeries for children.

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