March 26, 2021


Has Your Church or Christian School Taken the Necessary Steps?


If the LGBTQ activists and their allies the Democrats get their way ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ will be added to the 1964 Civil Rights Act through passage of HR 5, the Equality Act.  Thus, equating changeable characteristics to the unchangeable characteristics of race and ethnicity.   As you know the bill has passed in the US House, with the help of three GOP, including Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-1). 

One Senate hearing on HR 5 has been held.  However, the Democrat majority on the Senate Judiciary Committee blocked female athletes who oppose the Equality Act from testifying via video.  Their written testimony, which was entered into the congressional record, explains the unfairness of allowing boys who identify as girls to play in girls’ sports.  Their testimonies tell of years of practice and winning events . . .  until biological boys were allowed to compete in girls’ sports.  Pray that US Senators will take the time to read the girls’ testimonies before a vote is taken. 

BUT, if The Equality Act becomes law, has your church or the local Christian school taken steps to help protect themselves from the full impact of its passage?

As noted by Liberty Counsel, there are several cases from the Supreme Court that address the “ministerial exception,” starting with Hosanna-Tabor Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC. The latest to address the exception is Our Lady of Guadalupe v. Morrissey-Berru, decided last year by the US Supreme Court.

Each staff member, from janitor to pastor or principal, are considered ministers of the Gospel as a condition of employment. This will allow a defense based on the ministerial exception to have a better chance of success.  Christian schools should especially consider the bylaw additions dealing with employment. 

Action Steps

The Equality Act’s passage would be very bad and lead to various litigation.  A real storm assaulting our religious freedom is brewing and churches and Christian schools must take steps to prepare for the coming assault.  Click here to read recommendations from Liberty Counsel. 

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