March 23, 2021


Vote on Levine May Come as Soon as Wednesday


Questions US Senators should be demanding answers to as the upcoming confirmation vote on Dr. “Rachel” Levine is imminent: 

  • Is an individual who issued policies requiring nursing homes to take patients who tested positive for COVID-19, resulting in two-thirds of PA’s COVID deaths being in nursing homes, qualified to be the next Assistant US Secretary of Health?
  • During confirmation hearings, Senator Rand Paul asked a direct question as to whether minors were capable of making such a life-changing decision as changing one’s sex.   Dr. Levine answered, “Transgender medicine is a very complex and nuanced field . . . if I am fortunate enough to be confirmed . . . I would look forward to working with you and your office and coming to your office and discussing the particulars of the standards of care for transgender medicine.”  Twice that answer was given.  Shouldn’t these non-answers disqualify the nominee?
  • Shouldn’t a nominee who considers 14 to 16 year old “street kids” to be guinea pigs for cross sex-hormones be disqualified?
  • Advising parents to let their young children choose whether to be a boy or a girl saying, “Try not to force them one way or other,’ should be alarming to any Senator, shouldn’t it?
  • Levine has advocated for children to start puberty blockers and begin transitioning  — the earlier the better.  Isn’t it dangerous to children to have a transgender activist as the Assistant US Secretary of Health?
  • Levine has opposed a bill that prohibited abortions after 20 weeks.  No abortion clinics were inspected during the COVID-19 shutdown under his policies.  Should an anti-life nominee be confirmed to HHS?

Action Steps

There is no doubt that, if confirmed, Levine will use the new position to advance the transgender agenda.  We’ve seen it repeatedly in PA.   To be a part of setting national policy poses a danger to every child in this country!  Contact Senator Bob Casey, Jr. and Senator Pat Toomey and ask them to get answers to the above questions.  Until those questions are answered in a satisfactory manner, there should be no confirmation vote.  Keep up the pressure . . . .  yes, it may feel like a waste of time, but they need to know what their constituents think about Dr. “Rachel” Levine being the next US Assistant Secretary of Health.  Click here to contact Senators Casey and Toomey.  

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