June 17, 2022


Disney’s Pixar and Toy Story’s Next Movie


Pixar’s “Lightyear” is the animated science fiction movie that is supposed to be the backstory of Buzz Lightyear.  However, typical Disney, they felt the “need” to include a kissing scene between two lesbians. 

Movie Guide reports that top secular critics are also having a problem with the overall movie:  “Lightyear is a unique miss in Pixar’s catalog, a film that neither commits to its sci-fi imagination nor tries to find authentic moments for kids,” Matthew Monagle of the Austin Chronicle said.

Jake Coyle from AP added: “A dead-end wrong turn in the usually boundless Pixar universe.”

Newsday’s Rafer Guzman said that “Pixar’s origin story of Buzz Lightyear lacks that ‘Toy Story’ magic.”

But Pixar is not satisfied with only a kiss between two lesbians, turns out Buzz Lightyear was inspired by a lesbian.  According to Movieguide®’s review, “Buzz isn’t really the hero of this story. His lesbian friend, Alisha, is the real hero. Eventually, it’s her life that inspires Buzz, her granddaughter and everyone else.”

Action Steps

This Toy Story movie does not include the values upheld in the other movies in the franchise and should be avoided by discerning parents and guardians.  This is yet another example of Disney going off the rails and pushing the LGBTQ agenda. 

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