June 15, 2022


Funding the University of Pittsburgh


Remember this:  experiments using aborted babies taking place for decades, scalps from aborted babies attached to the backs of lab rats and mice; Planned Parenthood’s Ryan Residency Program, which trains future abortionists? Well, this all continues to take place at the University of Pittsburgh ad they want more of your tax dollars to continue their gruesome experiments and abortion training. 

Last year the General Assembly had an opportunity to end funding to the university, but instead gave them $151,507,000 for “general support”.  That budget ends on June 30 and the General Assembly once again has an opportunity to end the funding.   Will our legislators do it?   The University of Pittsburgh is concerned they might, as they are sending out emails asking their supporters to contact legislators to let them know what you the taxpayer really wants.  Of course, they are asking their supporters to urge the General Assembly to include additional funding in next year’s budget. We should contact our legislators and let them know we do not want additional funding send to the University of Pittsburgh. 

Remember the University of Pittsburgh already gets some of our federal taxpayer dollars.  In 2019, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s office awarded Pitt $61 million of the $109 million they received from the National Institute of Health for aborted fetal experiments. 

Action Steps

Contact your State Senator and State Rep and tell them not to award funding to the University of Pittsburgh in the 2022-2023 budget. Click here to contact your legislators.

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