April 11, 2014


Pro-family Advocate Detained in Canada and Needs Your Help


Peter LaBarbera with Americans for Truth About Homosexuality has been invited to speak at  the annual conference of the Saskatchewan Pro-life Association (SPLA) on Saturday.  Upon his entry into Canada last night, he was immediately detained and possibly prevented from entering the country, on the grounds he could be violating Canada’s “Hate Propaganda” law.

Here’s Peter’s report:  After questioning me about the purpose of my scheduled presentation at the SPLA event; rifling through my luggage, which contained numerous books and literature related to homosexuality (pro and con); examining the contents of my laptop and my cell phone; playing a DVD of my speech Wednesday at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio; and critically viewing AFTAH’s website–a preliminary decision was made to deny my entrance into Canada on the basis that my speech at the SPLA would violate Canada’s “Hate Propaganda” law (essentially the potential for “public incitement of hatred” against a group of people based on their “sexual orientation”). The Orwellian experience at Customs dragged on for more than three hours as a formal document was issued outlining my denial of entry under Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (citing the Hate Propaganda code). Finally, after 1:00 A.M., I was released pending my appeal of the decision today (Friday). My passport was seized until I arrive back at Customs today at noon for my appeal before a “Minister’s Delegate Review.”– Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH]

The actions by Canadian authorities are the result of a campaign led by “Intolerance Free Weyburn” which began immediately upon hearing that Peter was speaking at the SPLA event.  So appropriate that Peter’s detention and hearing happens on the gay “Day of Silence” in schools across America!!  This is yet another example of who is really being silenced — and it’s not homosexuals!

I have worked/collaborated with Peter for a number of years and he IS NOT a homophobe or hatemonger as they claim.   He has been on Diane Gramley’s program numerous times, most recently concerning the news conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, in which they both participated, announcing the formation of the new international group the Coalition for Family Values.  Rather than hate, he has compassion for those who are being misled into embracing the lie that ‘gay is okay.’

Action Steps

Peter’s hearing is scheduled to be heard today at noon Saskatchewan time, by Penelope Ulmer, the superintendent for the Canadian Border Services Agency at the Regina airport.

Action steps from Bill Whatcott into whose custody Peter was placed last night:

Dear Friends,

Peter is being conditionally released to my house for tonight, but he has to return to Border Services for a Minister’s hearing to determine his admissibility to Canada tomorrow.

Call Chris Alexander, Minister of Education and let him know Christians like Peter who preach truth, and certainly not so-called “Hate” should be allowed into Canada to share his wisdom with Canadians.

Phone: 613-995-8042

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