August 13, 2015


Impeach Kathleen Kane!


PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane has been charged with perjury, obstruction of justice and illegally leaking confidential information in order to harm a political foe. The Montgomery County DA has released a 42-page affidavit of probable cause. She faces up to seven years in prison on the most serious charge, perjury. Governor Tom Wolf has asked Kane to resign and Democrat leader in the GOP-controlled House, State Representative Frank Dermody, suggested she should step down noting, “This is not good for that office or the commonwealth.” ¬†Click here for more details.

Kane claims she became a political target after her office found pornographic and explicit videos, images and jokes in hundreds of emails while examining how state prosecutors under her predecessors handled the child sex abuse case against former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. However, this fails to acknowledge that calls for her impeachment began shortly after she took office in January 2013 because of her first action in office: revocation of the gun permit reciprocity agreement with Florida, which the law does not permit her to do.

For more information and action steps click here.

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