March 1, 2012


HB 1077 — The Women’s Right to Know Act


Abortion supporters are mounting an all out assault on HB 1077, the Women’s Right to Know Act,   a bill which will require a mother considering abortion to view an ultrasound of her baby before an abortion can be performed.  In so doing so can give informed consent to the procedure.

Members of the House are being bombarded with emails asking them to vote ‘no’ on the bill.   There were over 100 co-sponsors listed on this bill when it was introduced in October, others may have signed on since.

We can only guess who is behind this assault on HB 1077 which is designed to provide women with the information they need to make this life changing decision.  Planned Parenthood knows that in many cases if a woman sees an ultrasound image of her unborn child she will choose not to end the baby’s life.

Action Steps

Contact your State House member, click here for contact info, and

1.)  If he or she is a co-sponsor as listed at the top of the bill, thank them for their sponsorship.  Encourage them to stand strong of this issue — future Pennsylvanians are depending on them.

2.)  If your State House member is not a sponsor, ask them why and encourage him or her to support HB 1077.

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