News From Around PA

1.) Bill introduced to keep PA out of Regional Greenhouse Gas Commission

2.) HR 279 would allow anyone without a Social Security number to get a driver’s license.

3.) University of PA continues denying approval to “Hunting, Archery and Shooting Club.”

4.) LGBTQ activists are hopeful that there will be a ‘gay pride’ parade and festival this year as Philly begins taking applications for special events.

5.) LGBT activists view HB 103, which creates a new offense for harassing law enforcement with bodily fluids, as anti-LGBT.

News From National Scene

1.) Disney views Peter Pan, Dumbo, The Aristocats and Swiss Family Robinson and containing “questionable content.”

2.) Army questioning the fairness of “gender neutral physical test.”

3.) US House “revives” long dead Equal Rights Amendment.

4.) Austin, TX area school district has to apologize to parents for objectionable content in books.

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