News From Around PA

1.) Judge says Lackawanna County Transit System infringed on atheists First Amendment rights.

2.) Central PA Pride in Hummelstown soon!

3.) LGBTQ+ activists go ballistic when US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos visits Harrisburg school that think boys should use boys’ facilities and vice versa!

4.) Community College of Philadelphia now has a non-binary mascot!

News From National Scene

1.) Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals rules that Christian business cannot be forced to video same-sex ‘wedding.’

2.) Arizona Supreme Court throws out Phoenix’ homosexual special rights ordinance

3.) Austin, TX figures way around law and has designated $150,000 to help women get abortions.

4.) California Assembly passes resolution saying those who believe in Biblical understandings of gender and sex cause higher rates of suicide in LGBTQ+ crowd.

5.) Merriam-Webster adds “they” as a non-binary pronoun.

6.) Christian business owner in Lodi, CA area bullied into changing mind on allowing same-sex “wedding” in his winery.

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