January 26, 2021


Cancel Culture Continues Its Attack on Conservatives


The latest attack against conservatives has been the My Pillow Guy – Mike Lindell.  He has been and continues to be an outspoken supporter of President Trump.  Twitter has permanently banned him and companies are dropping his products.  At this point Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Wayfair (carried by Walmart), H-E-B (a Christian owned Texas company), JC Penney, Macy’s website for the MyPillow Classic Medium Pillow Collection noted it was out of stock and had a message noting it “may not be available again.”

The campaign to target My Pillow is being led by the group “Sleeping Giants,” an activist group that aims to “combat hate speech and bigotry online.” 

Watch a Right Side Broadcasting Network interview with him here     

Action Steps

If you shop at any of the above listed stores, please contact them with your thoughts on canceling Mike Lindell and his My Pillow products.  Message:  I support Mike Lindell and My Pillow.

Here’s some contact info: 

Bed, Bath and Beyond can be contacted here  1-800-462-3966
Kohls Corporate office  855-564-5705 
Wayfair  click here and then click on Feedback at the bottom on the left.
JC Penney 1-800-709-5777
Macy’s (even though they are headquartered in New York City, their “Customer Services” department is located in Mason, Ohio)  Here’s the number  513-398-5221.  You can send an email here  

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