August 18, 2022


Do You Still Have Questions About the November 2020 Election? 


The words ‘election integrity’ have been in the news a lot since November 2020, with the mainstream media and the Democrats assuring us that the General Election in 2020 was the most safe and secure ever, while too many Republicans are silent.  Still too many unanswered questions remain in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and, yes, Pennsylvania.  Questions such as why did the counting stop on election night and not resume until the next morning?  Why were absentee ballots without postmarks or signatures accepted?  Why were absentee ballots accepted two or three days after polls closed on election night?  Why were poll watchers not allowed to be close enough to adequately view the counting of the vote?  Etc. etc. 

All the evidence will be destroyed on September 4th!

Action Steps

Send a clear message to legislators that you expect the evidence to be protected, not destroyed!

Listen to my interview with Janet Porter of Faith 2 Action as she has a plan to get the attention of legislators who are constitutionally required to find the still unanswered questions from November 3, 2020.

You can take immediate action  here   

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