June 23, 2023


ERIC is a Problem


Many Pennsylvanians still have doubts about election integrity in the commonwealth.  As we’ve said in the past:   ERIC is a problem and PA needs to leave!   State Senators are beginning to take notice to this partisan Electronic Registration Information Center fiasco!  Remember this was sold to states as an easy way to maintain accurate voter rolls, if only they will become a member of ERIC after paying a twenty-five thousand dollar membership fee.  In reality, it is a massive voter registration effort.  PA Senators have begun to question the Commonwealth’s membership in ERIC and Senator Cris Dush has introduced SB 125, noting in his co-sponsorship memo, “Many of the states left ERIC due to data security concerns and partisan leanings. Other states are concerned that ERIC restricts how they can use their data and does not allow states to use data in the ways that they believe best serve their state.” 

Last year Florida, West Virginia, Missouri, Louisiana, Alabama, Ohio, and Iowa left ERIC. This year other states are working towards leaving the Democrat-controlled organization. 

SB 125 not only removes PA from ERIC, but also will “provide for Pennsylvania to use databases such as the Social Security Administration death database and the national change of address database to identify voters who may be ineligible to vote in Pennsylvania elections.”

Action Steps

Ask your State Senator to support SB 125 by clicking here

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